Believe it or not, there are three essential marketing tips that you can embrace today that will help you to increase sales of sterling silver jewelry. It helps to have quality items, such as keepsake silver pieces that can be handed down from generation to generation. At JT Inman Company, we provide professional design and artistic silver object manufacturing for retailers all across the country and around the globe. Precious metals for retail are quite popular with consumers, including gold and platinum in addition to silver. Learning the difference between high-quality materials and low-cost or “cheap” products can help you to properly target your desired audience and boost sales. Sharing your knowledge with your customers through employee interactions, brochures, and email newsletters can also be beneficial. The more consumers understand the value of what you are selling, the easier it will be to make the sale.

Establishing a Jewelry Marketing Strategy

When you consider all of the different stores in your local area that sell sterling silver jewelry and keepsake silver pieces, it becomes apparent that you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Jewelry sales are different from other types of retail marketing. You are not selling something that is considered a need or even something that is a comfort, but rather something that is more emotionally based in its origin. Precious metals for retail are used to mark special occasions. Artistic silver object manufacturing can provide you with a wide variety of beautiful products that you can sell in your store. When selecting the items that you want to carry, consider your existing consumer market, as well as any additional demographics that you would like to attract.

Learning how to sell jewelry effectively is an art. Some have a natural talent for it, while others need to work on developing skills and strategies that can be used to help them boost sales and take a big chunk of the market. As of 2019, global annual sales of all types of jewelry were more than $166 billion, and it is anticipated that by the end of 2021, sales will skyrocket to more than $288 billion. There are different types of shoppers who purchase precious metals for retail, as well as particular consumers who prefer to buy lower-quality pieces on a budget. Learning which type of consumers are coming to your store is key to increasing sales and closing your conversion ratios. When you contact JT Inman Company to discuss your needs, our sales associates can help you select the best pieces according to your goals.

The Best Retail Stores for Selling Jewelry

According to market research, the four primary locations where consumers search to purchase sterling silver jewelry and other precious metals for retail. Department stores currently make up approximately 35 percent of sales, while specialty stores come in at around 31 percent, online shopping makes up about 30 percent, and local small business shops comprise the remaining 24 percent of sales annually. However, it is essential to know that different jewelry businesses will have different consumers depending upon the products that they offer. If you are seeking to sell to more upscale shoppers who will spend more on each visit, consider upgrading the quality of keepsake silver pieces and jewelry that you showcase at your store.

The three primary steps for selling jewelry of any kind include establishing and identifying your audience, creating a marketing campaign story that will appeal to your target demographic, and using various platforms to reach out to consumers. Social media, website showcases, and other methods can be used to build consumer trust. Allowing online reviews can help to establish a solid and positive reputation for your business, as long as you are doing everything you can to foster professional customer service and support. The more you can do to reach out to consumers, the easier it will be to increase your market reach and establish your business as a local go-to for sterling silver jewelry and quality silver objects.

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