When it comes to selecting the best styles in sterling silver jewelry, it can feel challenging to stay ahead of the curve. However, the great news about fine sterling silver items is that they are always in style. Whether you choose popular designs, classic pieces, or custom silver jewelry to display in your retail store, consumers are always excited to purchase quality silver jewelry. Retailers can source a wide range of options through JT Inman Company, both from our online catalog and also through our white label opportunities. Branded and unbranded pieces are always an excellent addition to any retail display case.

Sterling Silver and Enamel

One of our more popular categories in our catalog is the sterling silver and enamel jewelry options. We have a variety of different styles and colors to meet the needs of your customers. Choose from everyday engravable styles, such as our enamel rim and sterling silver jewelry or specialty pieces, like our round and rectangular St Christopher medals that are offered in several different sizes and styles. Some of our other pieces include the Anchor medal with “Love, Hope, and Faith” inscribed on it, the Cherub and Dove medals that come in several colors, and the Chinese “Good Luck” charm. JT Inman Company also offers a complete selection of sterling silver and enamel jewelry that features all of the zodiac signs.

Sterling Silver Bracelets

Another piece of sterling silver jewelry that never goes out of style is the bracelet. Choose from modern and classic styles, as well as opportunities for designing custom silver jewelry items for your store. Our interlocking bangle, single bangle, raised leaf bangle, heart design bangle, flower design bangle, diamond cut bangle, flat leaf bangle, twisted rope bangle, and bangles with sterling silver and enamel medals come in a variety of widths and sizes to meet the needs of your customers. We also manufacture quality cuff bracelets in a range of styles, including a two-inch wide cuff bracelet and more decorative pieces. Choose from a Celtic design, scroll pattern, daisy and wildflower style in 3/4 inch sizes or our wild rose pattern, scroll style, and plain smooth silver in 1/2 inch sizes. We also have chain bracelets in a couple of different designs and lengths with or without charms.

Sterling Silver Chains

For fine sterling silver items, make sure to take a look at our chains. Sterling silver jewelry can be passed down from generation to generation with proper care. We carry several options in our catalog that include just the chain with lobster claw hooks or the chain and a necklace piece, such as a heart with rubies, an engraved heart, a gold ball, and a variety of lockets. Make sure to also ask about options for custom silver jewelry, which can be designed and manufactured according to your needs. Whether you use custom pieces as part of a white label opportunity or to carry something unique to your retail store, JT Inman Company can help you to achieve your goals.

Why Choose Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Much like other fine sterling silver items, sterling silver jewelry is one of those types of products that never goes out of style. While there might be fads where everyone in the fashion world is embracing a particular kind of metal, everyone always goes back to silver. Catalog and custom silver jewelry are very versatile. It creates a very sophisticated accessory for the wearer and is one of those timeless types of metals that just goes good with everything. Silver can be worn year-round, with popularity peaks in both the summer and the winter.

While sterling silver is made almost entirely out of pure silver, it is mixed with another valuable metal to make it more durable. Pure silver is incredibly soft and is not well-suited for the manufacture of jewelry or other items. Copper is most commonly the metal used to make the alloy for sterling silver jewelry, as it provides the maximum amount of durability without affecting the tone of the silver. Not only is silver timeless, but it also holds value similar to gold. There are certain times when silver is worth more than gold and vice versa. The use of quality sterling silver makes it impractical for mass-produced commercial jewelry, which is part of what helps it to hold its value when it comes from quality makers like JT Inman Company.

Visit our website to see our full catalog of sterling silver jewelry and fine sterling silver items. Our sterling silver and enamel products are extremely popular with consumers, as is our custom silver jewelry. To speak with one of our team members about your needs for sterling silver jewelry, give us a call at 508-226-0080.