silver keepsake pieces hold valueWhen people talk about investing in their financial portfolio, they often talk about silver, along with other precious metals. However, while purchasing silver coins or bullion is a great way to make investments that will stand the test of time, silver keepsake items and custom sterling silver objects offer valuable opportunities as well. Keepsake silver pieces are often handed down by parents or grandparents to young children or are gifted to teenagers and young adults to invest in their future. While many hang onto quality made silver objects as a way of remembering a loved one and wouldn’t dream of selling, if necessity requires the pieces to be sold, they will have value.

Gifting Silver Items to Loved Ones

Referred to by many in the industry as a “generational piece,” sterling silver objects, jewelry, and other items hold their value and are made with quality to last for generations. In a world where it seems as if everything is disposable and prices fluctuate wildly, it’s nice to be able to purchase holiday, special occasion, or seasonal summer silver products that maintain financial value and appeal to a wide range of consumers. The first thing you need to do when acquiring keepsake silver pieces to showcase in your store is how to identify and establish the value of silver. Not only will this help you to sell the silver keepsake items to your customers, but it will also ensure that you are featuring quality items that will help you to build your store brand and reputation.

Sterling silver is made with 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent other metals. The other metals, which are typically copper or nickel, are added to increase the beneficial qualities of the finished piece, providing needed strength and durability for long-time use and value. Copper is the metal of choice, as many people have allergies or aversions to nickel. Copper also maintains the natural shine and luster of pure silver, creating better-looking custom sterling silver objects for consumers. Silver-plated items are made with a cheaper base metal that is coated with silver, making them much less valuable. Learn what to look for that will make it easy to identify quality keepsake silver pieces and share your knowledge with customers to increase their interest in the products that you sell.

Identifying Sterling Silver Products

American silver that was created after 1850 will nearly always bear certain symbols that identify it as quality sterling silver or fine sterling silver. The terms “sterling” or the number “925” to denote that it was made using 92.5 percent pure silver are often stamped somewhere on the piece, along with the maker’s mark. A silver-plated item will not have these marks, nor will a product that has a lower percentage of silver used during manufacturing. Different countries use a variety of unique stamps and notations. Some will use .925 or 92.5 in their stamps, while others use a sterling guarantee mark, such as any sterling silver manufactured in Great Britain, Scotland, and Ireland since 1700.

All of these marks have the same goal in mind, to provide the consumer, retailer, or possible resale purchaser of the value of the piece. The marks guarantee that the piece is indeed sterling silver. While other countries may have unique methods for noting the quality of the special occasion or summer silver products, they are all used for the same purpose. As a retailer and as a consumer, this is good information to know. Sharing this method of identification with your customers by showing them the fine sterling silver stamp of quality on the JT Inman Company pieces that you carry in your store will help to increase your sales. The overall value of the silver – not as an artistic piece or keepsake item that has personal significance to the owner – will be determined by the weight, age, maker, condition, and provenance.

JT Inman Company – Since 1882

We have been in business for more than 100 years, establishing a solid reputation for designing and manufacturing quality silver keepsake items, objects, ornaments, jewelry, and other pieces at our American facility. The artistic integrity and craftsmanship of our products allow our clients to choose the perfect gift to showcase in their retail store. We can also have custom sterling silver objects and pieces created based on your specific needs to meet consumer demand or provide custom gift items for corporate and business clients. View our online catalog to see examples of the work that we do, either to purchase for your store or to expand upon and create something original.

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