online silver object salesThere is a lot of information out there for entrepreneurs who want to start selling quality items in a brick and mortar store. You can also find tips and tricks for those who already own a storefront who want to move to online sales. However, if you’re going to start an online-only business, you might be hard pressed to find a guide that will help you get started. JT Inman Company offers business owners an opportunity to sell quality craftsmanship sterling silver to their customers that can help you build your reputation and boost your market reach.

Choose from catalog items of silver products for retail or sell something unique with our options for custom sterling silver objects. As an experienced and reputable manufacturer of sterling silver objects, we have worked for many years to determine the best type of products for just about every market and can help you select items that you can sell to your customer base as well. Stock sales, custom sales, and even white label opportunities, JT Inman Company has the products you need to start your online business.

Which Items Are the Easiest to Sell?

When you are just starting out, you want to keep things simple. If you are a one-person show, this is even more essential. Start by looking at silver products for retail and consider which items will be the easiest for you to sell and ship. Select a few price points – don’t just go for the biggest and most expensive options. Custom sterling silver objects can be sold alongside stock products to increase the product offerings in your online store and establish purchasing opportunities for your customers.

Some things to consider when looking at quality craftsmanship sterling silver items:

  • make sure the product is easy to ship and not so fragile that you have shipping issues or returns
  • choose items that won’t take up a lot of space in your stockroom, especially if you are selling from a home office
  • select silver products for retail that don’t have a price set in stone with consumers, you will want to be able to make a profit and charge accordingly
  • pick items that have “staying power” – avoid overly trendy options in the beginning
  • try to stay in the price range that is easiest to sell online in a new store, somewhere between $20 and $200 maximum

Once you build up your reputation as a retailer, you can start expanding the items that you sell in your store. This might be the time to add more custom sterling silver objects or work with the manufacturer of sterling silver objects to discuss white label options to build your brand and reputation. Other things to consider when choosing products to sell in your store include your target audience to ensure that they will appeal to customers and whether or not the items might be personalized to further increase their value. Being able to sell these items is an essential part of the equation because if you can’t, you won’t get very far with your online business.

Three Types of Products

Product marketing experts break down items into three separate categories: candy, vitamin, and painkiller. While that might sound odd, it makes perfect sense. Products that fall under the “candy” category are not designed to solve any problems; they are just really nice to have. A lot of silver products for retail may fall under this category because they are designed to be excellent items for gift-giving or personal purchases like jewelry, desk accessories, ornaments, and keepsakes. The bring the purchaser immediate pleasure and can be very profitable for a business, especially if they become trendy with consumers.

Products that fall under the “vitamin” category solve a need, such as the “perfect gift” to give to someone on the birth of their baby or anniversary of their marriage. These products can be something that people just buy regularly, over and over again. “Painkiller” products are items that solve immediate requirements, such as “I have a headache, so I take something to get rid of it.” When it comes to sales, this can translate to someone who really needs to purchase something because they desire it strongly or because it solves a problem that they are having. Custom sterling silver objects can fall under the “vitamin” and “painkiller” categories sometimes, but they are primarily considered by marketers to be “candy” type products.

Contact JT Inman Company

If you are ready to start looking at your options and consider which silver products for retail might fit the idea that you have for online sales, contact our team to discuss our quality craftsmanship sterling silver. We do have a full catalog online of our stock items, which is quite diverse and offers a lot of options. However, we also do custom sterling silver objects and have opportunities for white labeling, so make sure to discuss these options with the representative when you call. JT Inman Company has worked as a top quality manufacturer of sterling silver objects since 1882. You can count on our team to help you find the best products to launch your business and get on the road to success.