There are many things that influence the purchases made by consumers as our world continues to change in the light of certain events and seasons. Videoconferencing and online meetings have given way to new approaches to accessorizing in the workplace and a trend known as “waist-up” dressing. For those who love jewelry and accessorizing with quality sterling silver for retailers, this is an exciting time. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more are all becoming even more popular among consumers as they look for new ways to stand out in a work-from-home world. Classic silver gift items and jewelry have maintained popularity among shoppers as fine sterling silver holds value, regardless of the economy. Consumers are investing more in quality pieces, purchasing silver gifts for holiday sales, and indulging in shiny summer silver products, as well. Retailers should stay on top of this trend and make sure to stock enough silver pieces to keep their customers satisfied.

Colorful Silver Pieces

Another trend that we are on top of here at JT Inman Company is the mixture of precious metals and colorful designs. Shorter necklace lengths, including chokers, help to show off beautiful pieces and add a pop of color to even the most neutral wardrobe. Color can be invigorating, exciting, and encouraging, which is why even the Pantone colors of the year – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating yellow – are said to be optimistic, playful, and positive. When combined with beautiful fine sterling silver pieces, colorful elements can really make a strong statement. Consider the enamel pieces in our catalog, which includes a collection of bright and cheery earrings, medals, medallions, necklaces, charms, rings, and specialty pieces. Sold as highly prized summer silver products or as silver gifts for holiday sales, it pays to take advantage of this colorful trend in your retail store.

Custom, Personalized Objects

Personalized and customized pieces are also trending. Taking classic silver gift items like photo frames, bangles, key chains, and keepsake boxes to turn them into one-of-a-kind pieces is a great way to show someone how much you care. Keep in mind special events, including graduation and wedding seasons. While these celebrations have changed in the past year, offering support, encouragement, and honoring those who are achieving these milestones will never go out of style. Whether you sell online or in a retail shop, make sure to offer options for personalizing and customizing traditional silver gifts. Baby spoons, cups, and religious ceremony keepsakes can be sold and gifted throughout the year. Many retailers are lengthening the time that they sell holiday items and ornaments for those who like to shop ahead or secure special pieces in advance.

Unique Jewelry Pieces

Another trend for the new year to help make choices about stocking sterling silver for retailers is unique and unusual. While some prominent designers featured bright neon colors, others focused on vintage designs for their jewelry instead. Key-shaped earrings and lock-shaped charms were both popular, while others searched for new ways to integrate company logos and brands into their designs. JT Inman Company carries a wide range of classic silver gift items that have the potential to be big sellers as summer silver products or silver gifts for holiday sales. Some of the current themes include nautical, equestrian, religious, zodiac, and lucky charms. Custom pieces can also be designed and manufactured by our team of skilled artisans based on the client’s specifications. Unique jewelry pieces can really help your retail business to stand out from other local competitors.

Quality Sterling Silver for Retailers

If you are looking for classic silver pieces to add to your department store, jewelry, gift, or online retail shop, consider JT Inman Company for all of your sterling silver object and jewelry needs. Since 1882, we have built and maintained a solid reputation for quality fine sterling silver, including summer silver products, keepsake gifts, and silver gifts for holiday sales. To learn more about our catalog products and custom design opportunities, you can reach our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff by calling 508-226-0080. You can view much of our catalog online at our website or contact a team member to discuss your unique needs and requirements for retail supply sterling silver.