fine sterling silver jewelryConsumers often struggle with finding the perfect gift for special occasions like weddings, engagements, baby showers, and anniversaries. This is a valuable opportunity for retailers to market silver products for retail to be given at specific events. While some might be seasonal, such as graduation gifts or holiday ornaments, others can be marketed and sold year-round. Keepsake silver pieces are products that people tend to want to keep, store properly, and then hand down to future generations. Your grandmother’s tea set, a locket from a parent, or a photo frame with a generations’ old photograph inside – these are all examples of fine sterling silver products that are kept and handed down for many years. One of the reasons why fine sterling silver products are often included in the category of keepsake gifts is that silver has a long-lasting value similar to gold and platinum. People are less willing to toss out or sell items of value, so they keep them for a lifetime and then hand them down to loved ones when they get old. This article will focus on the top ten keepsake silver products sold by retailers in America today.

#1 – Baby Spoons

A traditional gift that can be given at a baby shower, birth of a new baby, Christening or Baptism, religious dedication, or even a first birthday, there is nothing more classic than a sterling silver baby spoon. Embedded in European and American tradition as an elegant way to invest in a child’s future, the gift-giver often chooses keepsake silver pieces like this as an investment, coining the phrase, “born with a silver spoon” in his or her mouth. JT Inman Company has designed and manufactures a wide range of beautiful baby spoons that are perfect for gift-giving. Showcase these in your retail store near other new baby gift items to maximize sales.

#2 – Photo Frames

Perfect for just about any occasion, consumers appreciate the quality of fine sterling silver products that they can imagine the recipient using. Photo frames are purchased regularly for wedding gifts, graduations, new babies, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, and other milestones. Marketing tips for silver objects like these, including placing them with seasonal displays and occasion-specific opportunities for add-on or targeted purchase items.

#3 – Bracelets

Sterling silver products for retail make for durable jewelry pieces, as they are made with a combination of 92.5 percent pure silver and quality copper or other sturdy metals. When properly cared for, silver jewelry can last a lifetime. The more you wear silver pieces, the easier they are to take care of and prevent tarnishing from happening. Consider marketing keepsake silver pieces like bracelets alongside jewelry care pamphlets, silver polish, and storage products to eliminate concerns about maintenance and storage.

#4 – Brushes and Combs

Nothing is more elegant than a well-made sterling silver brush and comb set for a woman’s vanity. These silver products for retail practically sell themselves and are sought out by consumers. Display these in department stores, gift shops, and other specialty retail areas for maximum effect.

#5 – Business Card Cases

Fine sterling silver products are popular as corporate or executive gifts. Desk accessories and sets, bar sets, and, of course, business card cases, will never go out of style. This is the perfect gift for someone who has received a recent promotion, launched a new business, or is preparing for retirement. JT Inman Company manufactures a selection of beautiful business card cases in a variety of styles.

#6 – Jewelry

In addition to popular silver bracelets, there are other types of jewelry that you should consider for your retail store. Earrings, chains, pins, medallions, charms, and much more are popular with consumers and can become keepsake silver pieces that will be handed down for generations.

#7 – Keyrings

A great gift for the person who has everything, elegant keyrings are quite popular as gifts for many different special occasions and celebrations. A new house, a new car, graduation, weddings, and holiday events are all perfect opportunities to sell these silver products for retail.

#8 – Holiday Ornaments

Collectible ornaments to celebrate the holiday season and look back at special memories qualify as keepsake silver pieces. Take a look at the annual ornaments manufactured by JT Inman Company, as well as our traditional holiday season ornaments that can be showcased in your retail store.

#9 – Pocket Watches

Nothing says retirement like a silver pocket watch. Typically given to commemorate 25 years of service with a company or more, these fine sterling silver products are also sold for many other occasions throughout the year. Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, graduations, birthdays, and anniversaries, pocket watches are a truly classic gift that people love to give and receive.

#10 – Religious Items

Cross and Star of David necklaces, Communion shells, keepsake boxes, and other items used to mark religious ceremonies, milestones, and landmark events in a person’s life are also extremely popular silver products for retail. Marketing tips for silver objects like these include grouping them with other like-products to increase sales and showcasing during gift-giving seasons.

Silver Products for Retail

If you are looking for fine sterling silver products to feature and sell in your retail store, look no further than JT Inman Company. We have a large catalog with many different categories of silver products for retail. Keepsake silver pieces and other high-quality products can be used to increase sales, expand your target demographic, and provide your valued customers with memorable gift options that they can purchase for friends, family, and loved ones. To learn more about marketing tips for silver objects or to place an order from our catalog, give us a call at 508-226-0080. We can also provide details about our white label and custom manufacturing opportunities for retailers who want additional options.