Marketing Silver for Retail: Top Methods to Boost Your Sales

marketing silver for retailWhen working to market a particular product to your customer base, it is helpful to know all that you can about the individuals who come to your store on a regular basis. There are lots of tips out there on how to increase sales and attract new customers, but not a lot about marketing silver for retail. Quality craftsmanship sterling silver objects, jewelry, and keepsakes can be a challenge if you don’t typically sell this type of product. However, silver items for retail can be sold in nearly every kind of shop setting, including gift shops, department stores, big-box stores, boutiques, and web-based retail markets. Start by learning where to go to purchase quality silver items from a reputable silver manufacturer like JT Inman Company. Since 1882 we have earned a solid reputation for artisanal quality craftsmanship and manufacturing for retail, and we are located right here in the United States.

The Basic Components of Retail Marketing

If you are looking to understand the basics of marketing silver for retail, the best place to start is at the beginning. Whether taking a college course or online study program about how to market and sell to consumers, a primary understanding of the main things that must be considered is essential. The first thing you need to focus on is the product – the item that you want to sell, such as silver items for retail. The second step is to consider the price. You need to know the strategic price points for successful sales in your store. This is where knowledge of customer spending can be extremely beneficial and help you purchase quality silver items based on the purchasing history of your store.

The third area is the place where you will sell the items – not just in your store or on your website, but at the location where they will be featured. How will you showcase your quality craftsmanship sterling silver? Will you put it behind glass with a salesperson nearby to show it to customers? Will you have it on display in the men’s department, women’s department, or near the seasonal gifts? The place where you choose to display your silver items for retail – and how you display them (we’ll get to that later) can significantly impact your sales. The final step is promoting your products and how you let customers know what you have in store. Do you send out mailers, and advertisements, put posters in the windows, or create a tempting display for all to see when they pass on the street? How you decide to promote your new products will also drive interest and sales.

Market to Your Customers Right Where They Are

The best way to get the word out about your new silver items for retail or any product you want to effectively market is to meet your customers right where they are. Even the most carefully crafted marketing program won’t be effective if no one gets to see it. Start thinking now about how you can reach your core audience and what you would do to alert them to new shopping opportunities where they can purchase quality silver items. Also, think about what occasion or instance might be the catalyst that would make them come to your store to seek out quality craftsmanship sterling silver if you have never sold it before now. What has changed, what might inspire this type of purchase, and how can you effectively deliver it to them and present it positively?

Some of the ways that retail stores drive traffic are to post displays and create in-store initiatives through signs and creative showcases. Online listings can be helpful, even if you don’t make sales on your website. Digital marketing, including social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, can also be beneficial and search engine advertising via specific keywords to help attract new shoppers to your store. Word of mouth is still the best tool, so many retailers use all of the above methods to encourage customers to share the news with family, friends, and coworkers. As you purchase quality silver items to display in your store, find creative ways to get customers to share the information with others via contests, sales, and other retail opportunities in a win-win situation that gets them a discount while encouraging new business.

Browse our website and view our online catalog to see some of the quality craftsmanship sterling silver items that we design and manufacture for retail stores like yours. If you would like to speak with a sales team member or place an order, call JT Inman Company directly at 508-226-0080.