List Classic Silver Gift Items: Retail Supply Sterling Silver

Looking for a new way to increase interest in your online retail store? Consider adding quality keepsake silver pieces, jewelry, and other prized fine sterling silver objects to your listings. Classic silver gift items never go out of style and are perfect for amping up your year-round sales – not just during the holidays! Retail supply sterling silver is something that you must research before investing in for store stock. There are many different degrees of quality when it comes to silver, so you need to know that the manufacturer of sterling silver items that you choose to work with is legit. JT Inman Company has been around since 1882, and we have built a solid reputation for providing fine sterling silver of the highest quality. We offer our customers wholesale, custom, and white-label opportunities to help them provide their shoppers with the best products on the market.

Silver is Synonymous with Luxury

One reason why online retailers begin to sell silver products is that silver has a reputation for being luxurious. One of the three precious metals, alongside gold and platinum, silver maintains its value and has been a popular choice for jewelry, keepsake silver pieces, ornaments, and classic silver gift items for centuries. Designers who work with metal are naturally drawn to working with fine sterling silver, as it offers all of the qualities that will help them to create beautiful pieces. Our team of highly trained, experienced, and skilled artisans work to create unique objects and jewelry for our customers. Fine sterling silver is malleable and easy to work with, yet durable and offers long-lasting beauty for those who purchase it for themselves or as a gift for others.

As a manufacturer of sterling silver objects, we have seen a lot of trends come and go, but the use of silver to manufacture gift pieces, personalized or custom objects, jewelry, and keepsake items has remained strong. In fact, studies reveal that silver is even more popular today than it ever has been. Silver was prized by royalty throughout history long before gold was ever introduced. When it comes to jewelry trends, silver continues to surpass gold as one of the most popular metals to wear. The jewelry industry has revealed that interest and sales of silver jewelry increased by an unheard of 59 percent in 2017 and that purchases continue to climb.

Silver Can Be Used in Many Ways

Compared to other materials used in manufacturing, retail supply sterling silver is very diverse. It can be used to create stunning jewelry and classic silver gift items that can be worn, used, and displayed in just about any situation. In fact, silver goes with practically anything and is perfect for year-round use. While some materials may be limited to a specific season or holiday, silver is just as remarkable against the skin in the summer as it is during the coldest days of winter. Shiny, lustrous, bright, and beautiful, it is no wonder keepsake silver pieces are prized among the different generations and passed down to loved ones instead of being sold off for their value.

There are other benefits associated with silver. Used in the medical industry for sterilization and antibiotics, silver has been known to prevent the flu, aid in healing wounds, and improve the skin. Some use it to balance their moods, prevent anxiety, improve energy, and even relieve pain. As far as fashion trends go, gold and other metals often go in and out of popularity, but silver remains strong – even among the most avant-garde designers. Silver is more affordable than costly gold, titanium, and platinum, so it can be used in a wide range of ways by a manufacturer of sterling silver objects to create classic silver gift items in a variety of price points.

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If you would like to see more of our retail supply sterling silver, browse our online catalog or contact our team directly by calling 508-226-0080. We can answer any questions you might have about our jewelry and keepsake silver pieces, share information about our white-label and custom design opportunities, and offer pricing on our classic silver gift items. Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, all of our fine sterling silver products are designed and made right here in the United States.