Retail store owners have a fantastic opportunity to be a part of a sale that provides a treasured gift to someone special. When you start to think of the items you sell as keepsake silver pieces instead of just products to be sold, it changes the way that you look at them and present them to your customers. Quality silver objects will usually sell themselves simply because of their inherent value. Sterling silver for retailers can come in many forms, including jewelry pieces and silver spoons for a new baby. Consumers want to feel confident when they purchase quality silver items. Investing in a well-made piece by a reputable manufacturer might mean all the difference for someone who is looking to buy a remarkable gift that gets handed down from daughter to daughter for generations.

What is a Keepsake Gift?

When it comes to the different types of fine sterling silver objects that can be sold in a store, what makes something a keepsake gift? Keepsake silver pieces are items that can stand the test of time, something that people will covet and keep for many years to come. A silver photo frame for an engagement photo, a holiday ornament to remember a particular year, or baby jewelry to mark a Christening or Baptism – these are all examples of keepsake gifts. Quality silver objects are sought after by shoppers who want to present something special to a loved one. Sterling silver for retailers can be showcased year-round and sold at holidays and during other seasons.

JT Inman Company features a variety of quality silver objects that easily fall into this category that can be sold in your retail store. In addition to our catalog pieces, we also have opportunities for custom design and white label programs for clients who want to purchase quality silver items that are unique. As one of the precious metals, silver is popular around the globe across many different cultures and religions. It holds a strong meaning for many different people and is a great way to honor someone when shopping for a special gift. Gold, platinum, and silver have held their value for centuries. Consumers who want to purchase keepsake silver pieces usually have an idea of what they want and how much they want to spend.

Other Examples of Keepsake Silver Pieces

As you browse our online catalog, you will see a variety of different categories that feature quality silver objects that are perfect for special occasion gift giving. Baby cups and porringer sets, silver spoons, rattles, and baby jewelry are all excellent for baby showers, new babies, and religious celebrations. We even offer a selection of keepsake boxes, which can be used to keep a lock of hair from a baby’s first haircut or lost baby teeth. Elegant photo frames adorned with nursery rhymes with room to write baby’s name, date of birth, and other important information, are also popular selections with our retail partners. The quality of the silver, design, and manufacturing plays a significant part in the success of sales with sterling silver for retailers.

While we talk a lot about jewelry and keepsakes for babies and women, there are a lot of quality silver objects available for boys and men, as well. Impressive belt buckles, business card cases, cufflinks, and tie bars are all top sellers in our sterling silver catalog. Pocket knives, desk accessories, pocket watches, and elegant combs are all popular gifts for corporate, retirement, promotion, and employee celebrations. Tags, guitar picks, money clips, and keyrings are available in a variety of different designs. All of these keepsake silver pieces can be showcased in department stores, gift shops, clothing stores, and jewelry shops to meet the needs of your customers.

Purchase Quality Silver Items

To impress your target demographic and increase sales of quality silver objects, make sure to work with a reputable manufacturer of sterling silver for retailers. JT Inman Company has worked hard to earn and maintain a strong reputation since 1882 for designing, manufacturing, and selling top quality silver jewelry and objects. Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, our products are designed and manufactured in the USA, providing retailers with quality pieces that they can market to their best customers. To learn more about how to purchase quality silver items from our catalog for your retail store, contact our team directly by calling 508-226-0080.