There are certain people who are challenging to buy for each year when it comes to finding the perfect holiday gifts for retail. Whether it is a new friendship or relationship and you aren’t sure what they would like or if it for someone special and you really want to get something that will let them know how you feel. Keepsake silver pieces and quality holiday silver objects are popular gifts during the Christmas season. For retailers, figuring out which standard or custom holiday sterling silver items to stock can be a real challenge. It’s a good idea to offer a wide range of options during the holiday shopping season, as there are many consumers out there who aren’t sure what to buy either.

Silver Gifts for Christmas

There are traditions surrounding the act of giving keepsake silver pieces during the holidays. While no one knows the origin of this custom for sure, many believe that it goes back to the three wise men who followed the star to present gifts to the baby Jesus. While none of those gifts were made from silver – they were gold, frankincense, and myrrh – this idea still tends to be one of the most popular explanations.

One theory dates back to the time of Prince Albert, who many believe started this tradition. Legend has it that on the Sunday before Advent, he gathered his family in the kitchen to make Christmas pudding. A silver sixpence was dropped into the pudding mix, and after each family member gave the dessert a stir, it was served. Whoever found the silver sixpence on Christmas Day was said to have good luck in the New Year.

Christmas Stockings and Silver

Another long-standing custom that many believe explains the connection between silver holiday gifts for retail and Christmas is the story of the traditional holiday stocking. Said to have started with the original Saint Nicholas in the fourth century who enjoyed giving gifts anonymously to those who were less fortunate. The story goes that Saint Nicholas heard about a man who lost his wife and his money. He was forced to move into a peasant’s cottage with his three daughters.

Saint Nicholas saw that the daughters hung their stockings to dry on a chimney ledge and decided to climb down the chimney to put a bag of silver coins into the eldest daughter’s stocking. On the next day, he climbed down again to put a bag of coins in the next daughter’s stocking. On the third day, Saint Nicholas climbed down again but was greeted by the father. He begged the man to keep his charity a secret, but word soon spread, and everyone began hanging out their stockings in the hope of receiving a silver Christmas gift.

Modern Keepsake Silver Pieces

While silver sixpence is not a traditional gift here in the United States, there are undoubtedly many other quality holiday silver objects that are given during the holidays. Lovely bookmarks, timeless silver brushes and mirrors, top quality bracelets and necklaces, cufflinks, and tie bars are just some of the gifts that consumers love to buy for family and friends during the holidays. While not all of these products are considered keepsake silver pieces, many are kept and treasured before being handed down to children and grandchildren. With proper care, custom holiday sterling silver can last for generations.

Photo frames – engraved and custom designed – are perfect for showcasing a holiday family photo that can be displayed every year as a family tradition. Silver napkin rings are perfect for adorning a holiday table, and collectible silver Christmas ornaments would be at home on any tree. Choose from a wide array of quality holiday silver objects that will appeal to your customers. While some may only be appropriate for holiday sales and gift-giving occasions, others might be sold year-round for other special events and celebrations. Looking for something unique to display in your store? Ask about our custom opportunities to design and manufacture something unique to your retail business.

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