silver white label opportunitiesWhether you know it or not, you have likely purchased many white label products during your lifetime. White label opportunities provide businesses with a way to resell proven products with their brand to help increase business and foster consumer confidence. It is not the same thing as purchasing a bunch of wholesale items and reselling them. White label involves working directly with the manufacturer to purchase unbranded products at wholesale prices and then add your brand and resell them at retail prices. There are many different types of white label opportunities, including both goods and services. Silver white label manufacturing is used by some of the biggest names in the retail and jewelry business, providing business owners with a wide range of options to meet consumer demands.

White Label Sterling Silver Objects

JT Inman Company has earned a solid reputation as a manufacturer of fine sterling silver products since 1882. The products that we design, create, and sell to our clients have evolved throughout the years to best meet the needs of consumers. Silver white label manufacturing can be used to provide retail business owners with a way to increase brand reputation and grow their customer reach. It is essential to partner with a manufacturer that can create the products your target demographic wants. However, it is even more important to make sure that the products you purchase that will feature your branding will reflect well on the business that you are building. You don’t want to put your name on white label sterling silver objects that are cheaply made, break easily, or are in any other way defective.

We sell a diverse array of products, many of which can be seen in the catalog on our website. Speak with a representative for details about our white label opportunities, as well as custom design and manufacturing for exclusive items to sell in your store. We work with international businesses, national department stores, regional retail leaders, online retailers, and many small-to-medium business (SMB) clients. Silver white label manufacturing is an excellent tool for growing businesses, companies that want to expand their offerings, and entrepreneurs who want to build a brand. Choose from a wide selection of products, ranging from keepsake items to seasonal gifts, collectible pieces to quality jewelry, and many other options in between.

Will My Customers Buy Silver Products?

One of the best ways to determine whether or not your customers will take to your white label sterling silver objects or not is to sell catalog items for a while in your store. JT Inman Company offers many different fine sterling silver products in our catalog that can be used to check out consumer interest before investing in white label opportunities. Market research, consumer demographics, and other marketing tools can also be used to find out if silver white label manufacturing is right for your current business model. Department stores, retail clothing, gift shops, tourist destinations, greeting card stores, online businesses, and many other different types of stores have all been successful in selling our quality silver objects.

Personal items, including jewelry, belt buckles, cufflinks, brush and comb sets, business card holders, and photo frames will often sell well, even in a general retail setting. More consumer-focused items, such as traditional gifts for weddings, new babies, religious celebrations, and milestone events, might be better suited to a business model that focuses on that type of shopping. Gift shops, tourist destinations, greeting card stores, and other seasonal businesses can be great for selling ornaments, desk accessories, keyrings, home decor pieces, and spoons, based on the needs and focus of their target customer base. Some products work great for upselling, while others may take center stage in your display; it all depends on the type of business you run and the interests of your customers.

Advantages of White Label Opportunities

There are many good reasons to sell white label sterling silver objects in your retail store. Silver white label manufacturing offers business owners a way to get a product, develop a brand, and sell it effectively at a high profit margin without having to invest in research, development, and product testing. This saves time and money while helping you to effectively build your brand and increase customer confidence in your business. For many companies, white label opportunities can help to increase traffic, sales, conversion ratios, and brand recognition in a significantly less amount of time than it would take to try and create a new product on their own.

If you would like to learn more about JT Inman Company and our fine sterling silver products or white label opportunities, give us a call at 508-226-0080. We can answer any questions you might have about silver white label manufacturing and discuss ways that we can work together for our mutual benefit. Call today to speak with a representative about selling our high-quality white label sterling silver objects in your retail setting.