Expanding the type of items that you sell in your store can be a challenge. However, learning how to effectively choose and sell new items can also pay off big time. Classic silver gift items are one of those things that can sell well across a wide range of retail settings. Silver items for retail can be easily sold in department stores, clothing stores, gift shops, and specialty stores. They sell well to locals and tourists. When you take the time to select quality silver items for retail stores based on your target demographic and local demands, you will be able to sell them all year round, not just as silver gifts for holiday sales or seasonal purchases.

Tip #1 – Know Your Audience

Who are you selling to at your store currently? What type of customer does your marketing program reach regularly? Learn all you can about the individuals who come into your store, including age ranges, economic situations, hobbies, relationships, and the reason why they come into your store. A good salesperson can learn all of these things and more without coming off as being too nosy or pushy. The more you know about your customers, the easier it will be to sell them classic silver gift items and custom objects that will fit their needs and boost your bottom line.

Tip #2 – Know Your Products

On the other hand, the more you know about the silver items for retail that you carry in your store, the easier it will be to sell them. Not just as the owner or manager, but also to share this information with your sales staff. When you know details about your products, you can answer questions, overcome objects, make suggestions, and effectively make the sale. The truth is, a high sales record does not just happen by accident. While some sales team members are naturally more charismatic and convincing than others, knowledge is power and can help you to increase your sales just by knowing the customer and the product that you are selling.

Tip #3 – Set Sales Goals

For some business owners, simply setting a goal can help to make it a reality. Say you want to increase your sales figures by 10-20 percent within a 30-90 period. Bringing in a new product, such as quality silver items for retail stores, can help you to achieve that goal. Consider who your customer is and what they are likely coming to buy. Strategically set up your displays so that your new silver gifts for holiday sales or seasonal items are near the products that are already in-demand with your target customers. One example might be spring dresses at a women’s clothing store. A good way to boost sales of silver items for retail might be to place bracelets, necklaces, and keepsake items that would be a great compliment to the attire in the same sales area. Another way might be to create a window display or focal piece that incorporates a popular clothing item with your new silver pieces to create an upsell opportunity.

Tip #4 – Increase Your Reach

If your current customers are not expanding their interest in purchasing something new, perhaps it’s time to attract a new demographic that might be more interested in making larger purchases. Consider new advertising opportunities, sales, coupons, and media sources to bring in some fresh faces to your retail store. Create a marketing program that incorporates popular trends, current market interests, seasonal purchase items, and other elements that will bring you the type of customers that you need to boost sales.

Tip #5 – Train Your Staff

One way to boost sales of a particular item or category of products is to make sure that your sales team is well versed in the details about the classic silver gift items and other stock that you are adding to your store. While they might be great at selling what you currently have featured, they might not know how to answer questions about quality silver items for retail stores enough to sell them. An employee workshop, training session, or after-hours gathering that focuses on your new products just might be what you need to increase their ability to sell.

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