custom silver items for retailersAre you ready to build your brand with quality products that will earn you a solid reputation and attract the type of customers that you desire? White label branding is a powerful marketing strategy that can help new-and-growing businesses take a giant leap forward ahead of their competitors to enter a whole new level of success. Choosing the products that you will sell can be the most complicated part of the equation, but when you select custom silver items for retail from reputable sterling silver manufacturers, you can count on getting a quality product that will sell. White label products for retails come in a wide range of options, but for those who are focused on quality stock, our white label sterling silver objects can fit the bill.

Global Sales Opportunities

If you were to try and develop your own products to sell under your company brand, you would have to invest both time and money to ensure that you would be selling something proven that will benefit your business instead of detracting from it. Marketing must be strategic and work toward the positive future of your company. When you sell white label products for retailers, you know that you are getting products that have already gone through research and development that are customer-approved and valuable to consumers at-large. Depending on the type of business that you own, that could include sterling silver jewelry, keepsake items, ornaments, or other custom silver items for retail.

Instead of producing these items on a local scale, white label sterling silver objects also provide you with the opportunity to expand your market reach and work outside your typical demographic at your brick and mortar store. You can sell these items online through a carefully crafted website and use them to build your brand and get consumers talking about your quality products. Working with reputable sterling silver manufacturers helps you to increase your market share, selling thousands of a specific product instead of just dozens or even hundreds to your neighborhood customers. Increasing profits by selling more, reaching new customers, and expanding your abilities is a great way to build your brand.

Compete With the “Big Boys”

Are you ready to take your business to the front lines? Many times companies that sell white label sterling silver objects of quality to a larger market share find themselves competing with national brands and major retailers. This can be quite a change from your local competition, so it pays to be ready. Initially, you will need to prove yourself to be a worthy opponent, figuring out new ways to compete with the well-known name brands that are already established with your target audience. Some ways to do that include offering options that are of high-quality, reasonable price, on trend, and a little something extra.

What will that extra customer service option be that no one else is offering? Will you have FREE shipping on all items? FREE upgraded shipping to overnight to anywhere in the country? How about discounts on purchases of $50, $100, $150 or more? You need to start with something that hits them in the wallet so they can see the quality of your items and return to you because they are impressed with the quality of your wares. You have to start someplace, so consider a full-scale marketing campaign to attract business away from the “big boys” before you even get started. Trust that your custom silver items for retail will bring you the reputation and ability to grow your business that you desire.

How Does White Label Branding Work?

The best way to think about white label products for retailers is to imagine that it is two companies creating one single product. One of those companies does all of the researching and development, manufacturing, and testing the product to ensure its quality and value with consumers. That’s the sterling silver manufacturers like JT Inman. We’ve been around since 1882, so you might say we have a lot of experience in the custom sterling silver business. We offer white label opportunities to our customers as a means of forging an ongoing relationship with them in a mutual win-win situation. You might be surprised to learn some of the big name brand retailers who use our white label products.

The second company is you. Your business brands and repackages the product to sell as your own. While some might think that this is an outsourcing situation, it is not. You purchase the white label sterling silver objects and take on the responsibility of branding. You get an affordable, high-quality product that you can then sell at a retail price to your customers. This can be advantageous for significant brands who want to expand their product line without investing time and money into development, but it can also help up-and-coming businesses to grow their market reach and jump ahead of the line as soon as they are ready.

Contact our sales department by calling 508-226-0080 to learn more about our full line of white label products for retailers. Our custom silver items for retail are also available online in our catalog. Browse the products currently available or speak with a representative about custom sterling silver design options.