Identifying Fine Sterling Silver: Sterling Silver Jewelry Designs

identify sterling silverSilver, along with platinum and gold, has been valuable to people for thousands of years. Fine sterling silver coins, jewelry, souvenirs, and other items made from it have been faked. It was once worth more than gold. Gold is one of the most expensive metals these days, and silver is used to make a lot of different sterling silver designs. People may be more likely to buy something if they learn more about the past of silver and how it is used to make things just for stores. For some, the natural benefits of buying this valuable metal and the fact that it won’t lose value for decades are the most important things.

The JT Inman Company works directly with shops to give them a wide range of fine sterling silver items and jewelry that they can sell. Since 1882, our sterling silver designs have won us a strong name for quality. In addition, we offer white label options to help our customers increase sales, build their brand, and become known as a strong retail business. You can put a lot of different things in your store from our catalog, like jewelry, ornaments, work accessories, personal items, gifts, keepsakes, and more. These goods have been shown to sell, no matter what the economy is doing or what else is going on in the world. Check out our collection and custom silver items for stores during holiday sales, seasonal sales, and buys you don’t plan to make.

How to Identify Quality Silver Jewelry

Silver is not at all the same, not even close. Like gold, pure silver is too soft to be used to make jewelry or other things. Some alloyed metals are used in sterling silver design to make the final product stronger and last longer. Items made of fine sterling silver usually have copper or nickel mixed in with the silver. Copper is used to make the best products because it doesn’t irritate or cause allergies like nickel does, and it gives things the shine you’d expect from good silver. The end item must have at least 92.5 percent pure silver in it to be called fine sterling silver. This is the reason why good silver items have.925, 925, and 92.5 stamped on them along with sterling silver or fine sterling silver.

It’s easier to sell something when you know more about it. Taking care of the metal is one of the main reasons people don’t want to buy sterling silver style items. If you don’t take good care of silver, it can turn black. Warm soapy water, a soft-bristle brush, and a soft microfiber cloth are all you need to clean silver. It’s not as hard as you might think. You can make necklaces, chains, earrings, bracelets, charms, and a lot of other unique silver things for stores out of sterling silver. Sterling silver items like pocket watches, earrings, and memory boxes are some of the most popular things that are bought. White label chances let store owners put their company’s logo, name, and packaging on silver items and jewelry to boost their business’s image and give customers something different to buy.

Quality Sterling Silver Designs

Fine jewelry made of sterling silver can be worn every day or as a show piece for a special event. Silver jewelry can be worn all year long because it goes well with many colors and styles. Fine sterling silver items and accessories are used in a lot of different styles, from the trendy to the classic to the modern. Sterling silver designs are thought to last a lifetime and stay in style. They look great with both relaxed and dressy clothes. You can stack, layer, and wear sterling silver jewelry with other metals. For an even better look, you can also use enamels and pearls with it.

Fine sterling silver items can be put on shelves, in glass cases, or around the house or office in the form of silverware like picture frames, baby spoons, gifts, and work accessories. Custom silver items for stores and other items can last for many decades if you take good care of them and know a lot about this valuable metal. Silver has a strong place in history. It was once called the “generational metal” because it was so durable and often given as a gift from parents to children. There will be a lot of respect for this stuff for many years to come. You can look at our online store or call us at 508-226-0080 to find out more about the white label options and sterling silver designs that JT Inman Company offers.