How to Sell Sterling Silver: Popular Classic Silver Gift Items

how to sell sterling silver giftsWhen you feature high-quality retail supply silver products in your department store, gift shop, or online market, it can be very easy to sell classic silver gift items to your regular customers. Silver is a special-occasion favorite for everything from holiday gifts to weddings, Christmas ornaments, and keepsake gifts handed down through the generations. Learning how to sell sterling silver should involve obtaining knowledge about the material and manufacturer to provide insight and information to prospective buyers. Custom silver objects can also be purchased through JT Inman Company to distinguish your retail store from local competitors and offer customers something unique to give or purchase for themselves.

Fine Sterling Silver

The first thing you need to know is how to identify fine sterling silver from cheaper silver products. The industry standard for fine sterling silver contends that it must contain a minimum of 92.5 percent pure silver. The remaining percentage should be comprised of an equally valuable and beneficial metal. Quality classic silver gift items and jewelry are typically made using 7.2 percent copper due to the added shine and luster that it provides to the pure silver, along with the required strength and stability for manufacturing. Cheaper sterling silver products will often use nickel, which can cause an allergic reaction in many people. Make sure to state the materials used in your custom silver objects in order to overcome potential objections and increase the value of your products in the consumer’s eye.

Another valuable piece of information regarding retail supply silver products is ongoing care and storage. A good jeweler or shop owner will create a display of silver cleaning products and storage options alongside the fine sterling silver products that they sell. Instruct sales staff on how to provide a demonstration to prospective buyers on how to properly – and easily – clean silver products. The more you and your team know about proper storage and care of silver objects and jewelry, the easier it will be to provide personal testimony about the ease of use to your customers. Many people remember seeing their tarnished grandmother’s silver or having to polish a serving tray at the holidays before use and will balk at buying silver. However, with regular care and proper storage, silver can be easy to maintain.

Creating Displays

In addition to showcasing cleaning and storage options for classic silver gift items, it is also a good idea to consider different ways to promote your retail supply silver products throughout the year. While certain items may only get featured during special occasions and holiday seasons, others can be perfect for year-round displays. Department stores would do well to feature traditional items for men within the men’s department and in gift areas, such as cufflinks, money clips, corporate desk accessories, key chains, pocket watches, and pocket knives. For women, jewelry of many different types, along with keepsake boxes, elegant photo frames, brush and comb sets, and dining pieces, might be appropriate for display.

Learning how to sell sterling silver during the holidays should be a breeze, as silver is one of those holiday traditions that never seem to go out of style. Fine sterling silver Christmas tree ornaments are available from JT Inman Company in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes. Our annual collectible ornaments, featuring a Santa Claus from various cultures and countries around the globe, are looked forward to each year by our retailers and their customers alike. Classic designs, including silver bells, cut-out holiday characters, snowflakes, and much more, can also be purchased from our catalog. Custom silver objects can also be ordered and featured in your store as one-of-a-kind opportunities guaranteed to set your business apart from other local competitors.

Retail Supply Silver Products

To learn more about our artistic custom silver objects and quality craftsmanship of fine sterling silver since 1882, contact JT Inman Company directly. Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, we have provided unmatched retail supply silver products to our clients for generations and offer a wide range of classic silver gift items and trendy silver pieces to impress your customers and boost sales. Give us a call at 508-226-0080 or browse our online catalog to see some of our most popular silver objects and jewelry.