sterling silver jewelry for retailWhen it comes to precious metals, not all are created equal. Gold and white gold are popular among consumers, as they are easy to care for and can be found just about anywhere. However, when it comes to silver jewelry sales, you will be targeting a different type of customer. People who collect, wear, and love sterling silver jewelry are well aware of the maintenance that is required to keep it looking great and protect it from tarnishing.

Those who are new to purchasing fine sterling silver products might need a little convincing. Learn how to overcome objections when you purchase quality silver items for retail stores to showcase in your shop. A little bit of knowledge and options for care kits and related products can go a long way and boost your sales. Store owners who deal in silver often see this as an opportunity to enlighten customers about the joys of silver ownership and inspire future sales in the process.

Tarnishing in Silver Jewelry

One of the biggest objections when it comes to fine sterling silver products is the fact that silver can tarnish easily in the right conditions. Humidity, pollutants in the air, oils on the skin – these can all increase the ability of silver to tarnish. Sterling silver jewelry is an alloy, which means it is a combination of pure silver, which is very soft; and a tougher metal, to increase strength and durability. Copper is the typical metal that is thrown in the mix, which is the primary reason why silver can tarnish.

Regular maintenance can be performed to prevent tarnishing or at least significantly reduce it. If you do not clean your silver regularly, it will darken and blacken after repeated exposure to the elements. For this reason, some people might steer clear of buying sterling silver jewelry as a gift because they don’t want to burden the recipient with having to keep it clean. However, some well-placed cleaning supplies, an information “care sheet” for silver jewelry sales, and training for your staff can help to overcome most concerns.

Metal Allergies

Some people have allergies or reactions to certain metals. The good news is that silver is so widely sold and worn that most people will already know if they have an issue with it before they even consider purchasing fine sterling silver products. More people are allergic to silver than other metals, but there are also reactions to yellow gold and costume jewelry that uses nickel or other low-cost metals as a base. Even so-called “coated” metals can cause a reaction in some people when the coating layer rubs off after weeks or months of wear.

It’s hard to overcome an issue of metal allergies. Each person is different. They might have a problem wearing yellow gold but can wear white gold with no reaction. Others can wear sterling silver jewelry, but other low-quality versions of silver that have a higher percentage of other metals mixed into the alloy will cause a reaction. When people are purchasing a gift, they may not know if the person they are buying it for has a metal allergy, but the recipient will likely already have had some experience with this. Consider this in your return policy and possibly share this information if the question of allergies comes up in discussion.

The Good News

There are many benefits to choosing quality silver items for retail stores. It is well-known that silver is the perfect match for any wardrobe, including both dark and light items. It looks just as great in the winter dangling over a beautiful sweater as it does in the summer lying across tanned beach skin. Just about any skin complexion looks excellent next to silver, and when it comes to the cost, silver is much more affordable than gold. Silver accessories are the perfect choice for someone who wants to dress up their outfit without going too overboard.

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