Marketing trends for online retailers have changed much in recent years. While it might have been acceptable to focus solely on providing the lowest price in order to get the sale, today’s consumers are much savvier when it comes to selling silver objects online. Not only do they know what they want, but they also know how to do the research to make sure they get it, too. The best prices, the most value, and fine sterling silver products can ensure positive results. While there will always be someone looking to save money and just get something for cheap, when it comes to shoppers who want to purchase quality silver items, there’s usually much more to it than price. As long as your items are priced right according to what the market will yield, you won’t need to be concerned with keeping your prices in the lower range of the spectrum.

Create Shopping Opportunities

Because you are selling fine sterling silver products, it is essential to really play up the quality of the pieces you wish to sell. Be sure to tell customers that you work with reputable sterling silver manufacturers in the USA, as that really matters to a lot of shoppers in today’s growing economy. Take time to educate your shoppers about spotting the difference between quality materials and low-quality fakes. The more you know about sterling silver products yourself, the easier they will be to sell. When you purchase quality silver items to showcase in your store, be sure to have a wide range of price points that you can use to appeal to your target audience. Most purchases typically fall into a few price-based categories, including under $25, over $25, over $100, or “no price limit,” depending on the item that is being sold.

Learn the difference between someone who is shopping for themselves versus purchasing for someone else. You will notice around the holidays and certain shopping seasons that customers will look for gifts that fall into the previously described price ranges. The under $25 group represents those looking to get a nice gift at an affordable price, possibly a birthday, baby shower, or engagement present. The $25 and over group is usually well-versed at working with stores that are selling silver objects online. Purchases of $25 and $35 are typically the threshold for free shipping, so make sure you have options available in your online store that reward shoppers who spend a certain amount in your store. Purchases of over $100 are usually for significant celebrations or personal gifts, and there should be a variety of products that fall into this category as well.

Showcase Your Quality Products

Make sure to use professional photography, expert descriptive writing, and other online sales techniques to really showcase each and every item in your online retail store. When customers visit a store in person, they have the opportunity to touch, hold, try on, and inspect an item closely. However, when selling silver objects online, you need to create methods for shoppers to use that will give them a similar experience. A 360-degree video option can be used to really show off the shine of the metal and the intricate design of the product. Ensure that lighting, background, and audio used is appropriate and focused on capturing your target demographic’s attention.

In addition to the video, several photos should be used to show how the object could be used. Some online shoppers prefer still photography to video or may have a connection that won’t allow them to load videos properly. The more you can do to consider the many ways that your customers will view your pages, products, and website as a whole, the easier it will be to increase online sales for your fine sterling silver products or anything else that you might want to sell. Include as many details, facts, sizing information, and shipping options as possible to overcome any objections that might come up or deter your customers from making the final purchase. If your stock is limited, make sure to keep a running countdown of stock, so they know to expedite their purchase to secure the sale.

Sterling Silver Manufacturers USA

JT Inman Company has a wide range of catalog products and custom opportunities for retail store owners that are interested in selling silver objects online. If you would like to learn more about our fine sterling silver products or if you are ready to purchase quality silver items for your store, give us a call at 508-226-0080. We can answer any questions you might have about our products and help you choose the best options for your retail store.