Holiday Silver Sales: Popular Silver Objects for Retail Stores

holiday season silver salesMany people have a holiday tradition of wearing silver ornaments. Each year, they look forward to adding a brand-new design to their collection. Holiday items are well-liked by a wide range of clients. In fact, if you sell the right kinds of yearly holiday silver sales, you might be able to spread your marketing budget across a range of consumer price points. Original silver items can be highly appealing, especially around the holidays when individuals are more likely to invest on gifts for loved ones or self-indulgent expenditures. Silver ornaments are prized for a variety of reasons, both in terms of the object’s intrinsic value and their emotional importance to the collector.

Purchase Quality Silver Items

Silver and gold are both prevalent colors during the holiday season when you consider the decorations, music, and customs that surround them. Holiday collectibles come in a wide range of prices, from high-end, high-quality things to flashy, plastic objects found at discount stores. Both can be attractive and have comparable emotional worth depending on what the person acquires. Silver jewelry can be crafted into a variety of forms for holiday silver sales. In reality, JT Inman Company has a sizable assortment of seasonal silver goods that are accessible in our catalog. Shapes and decorations that are traditional, such as silver stars, vintage bells, decorative bells, nutcrackers, snowmen, stockings, and candy canes. These can be marketed as decorations or mementos and are well-liked by a broad variety of buyers. Consumers are drawn to personalized goods around the holidays, and many of these patterns may be engraved.

Our Santa and Angel designs are among the original silver items in the collection that are the most well-liked. For those who collect our traditional silver decorations and look forward to them each year, each type is out of date. The Christmas season is a great time to display annual silver seasonal items in department stores, gift shops, holiday pop-up stores, jewelry stores, and other well-liked sorts of shops. Offer these distinctive designs at the beginning of the holiday shopping season to attract clients who are looking for holiday collectibles and start a tradition at your shop. Our Santa collection features a range of representations from traditional designs in Scotland, Germany, Italy, England, America, Sweden, Ireland, and France. A 2020 Dove Angel, a 2019 Praying Angel of Adoration, and a 2018 Angel of Innocence are all part of our angel collection. To learn more about additional silver ornament possibilities – and see this year’s new offerings, browse the available ornaments in our online catalog and get in touch with our team.

Classic Silver Gift Items

According to studies, each American spends about $67 on decorations annually. Compared to only a dozen years ago, spending has increased. When you consider that gifts for family and friends, rather than things for the home, make up the majority of holiday expenditures, this is a sizeable buy. Consumer purchases of Christmas decorations frequently place silver ornaments and other seasonal collectibles at the top of the list. To commemorate the holiday, some families buy new ornaments for their trees each year, while others give special ornaments to each child in the family based on their interests and pastimes. Every year, there are several possibilities for ornaments and decorations. A primary objective each year should be to discover novel strategies to make your yearly silver holiday things stand out and get well-liked by your customers.

In this study on holiday decorations, consumers also admitted that they bought these things from a variety of various kinds of retailers. The most popular way to buy ornaments and decorations of all kinds was in-person at a brick and mortar store, with internet purchasing a close second. However, rather than using a mobile device, the majority of those holiday silver sales happened on a desktop computer. Only 23% of individuals polled said they would buy things using their cellphones, tablets, or other portable electronics. However, this could substantially alter this year. During the global pandemic, brick and mortar retailers discovered innovative strategies to increase sales, such as curbside pickup options at department stores, big-box stores, pharmacies, and other places. Even with the current recession, many of these online opportunities have helped retailers expand their sales and have given customers easy options to still get the things they want to celebrate the season.

Holiday Silver Sales for Retail

Browse our online catalog or call our staff at 508-226-0080 if you’re interested in knowing more about our yearly silver holiday goods and collectibles. JT Inman Company has been making distinctive silver goods and jewelry that appeal to customers since 1882. You may now proudly display these lovely silver ornaments and gift items in your shop because they are made in the USA at our factory in Southeastern Massachusetts. To learn more about catalog items, custom design possibilities, and white label opportunities for holiday silver sales, get in touch with our staff right away.