The most wonderful time of the year is also the busiest time of the year for most retail businesses. Whether you reach your target demographic online through a website or if you sell in-person at a brick and mortar store, the concept of holiday marketing is the same. The more proactive you can be to begin making plans for holiday silver sales ahead of time, the easier it will be to corner the market. Understanding your customer base’s wants, needs, and interests is essential to ensure that you select the best silver gift items to sell and showcase in your store. Classic silver objects, including jewelry, collectible keepsakes, and annual ornaments, are always big sellers. However, micro-targeting your customer base can increase conversion ratios and receipts across the board.

Fine Sterling Silver Objects

The first place to start is in the procurement of the products that you will sell in your store. Customers who are looking for a low-cost item will frequently go to popular department store chains, big box stores, and “dollar friendly” locations. It is essential to know the approximate price range that your customers look for when making a holiday gift purchase. If your business is still relatively new, make sure to have a wide range of price points for customers to browse and pay attention to the results. Affordable gift exchange items can be just as vital to the success of your store as more expensive gifts for that someone special. When it comes to classic silver objects, look for pieces that have already proven themselves to be good sellers for holiday silver sales. Working with a quality provider of fine sterling silver products will help you to build your brand and grow trust with your repeat customers.

A Memorable Shopping Experience

Another great way to get the sale is to create an incredibly positive shopping experience for your customers. In a brick and mortar store, evoke all of the senses in the ambiance and décor that you choose to display. Scented candles or pinecones, fresh pine trees, and fresh-baked cookies are just some of the common fragrances that people expect to smell during the holidays. Sound is also essential, so it pays to include light-hearted holiday music, either over the speakers or by hiring a professional musician during peak shopping hours. A piano, violin, or even an acoustic guitar can create a memorable experience that your guests will talk about with family and friends. Taste can even be addressed by offering free, individually wrapped candies at checkout stands or cups of cocoa at a customer service area when appropriate. Sight and touch can be used all throughout the store through your product displays, holiday decorations, specialty lighting, and other elements.

Quality Customer Service Training

Take time to host a meeting with staff to go over methods and techniques to provide quality customer service that goes above and beyond what your shoppers might expect. Everyone is stressed out during the holidays – the hustle and bustle of shopping and errands are enough to make anyone grumpy. Setting a policy that involves friendly greetings, pleases and thank-yous, and other positive communications and interactions will go a long way to help your customers to feel appreciated and welcomed. If you have a mailing list for past and recurring customers, consider sending a special appreciation email or card in the postal mail with a discount, special early-bird invitation, or something else that they can use. Take time to train your team on how you want them to approach customers about holiday silver sales and teach them about the best way to sell your fine sterling silver products.

JT Inman Company

Retailers who are looking for classic silver objects made in the USA by skilled artisans need to look no further than JT Inman Company. Since 1882, we have earned a solid reputation for our fine sterling silver products. A full catalog of jewelry, keepsake items, collectible silver gift items, and unique objects is available on our website. Our team of knowledgeable sales staff can help you find the best items to enhance your holiday silver sales. Custom design and manufacturing, as well as white label opportunities, can be used by retailers who want to increase their brand and grow their reputation. Contact our team by calling 508-226-0080 or by using our online contact page to reach out to one of our representatives.