holiday silver object salesPreparing your retail store for the holiday season can be overwhelming. Learning how to predict what the latest trend or fad will be for shoppers year after year can be hit or miss. However, there is one way to stay consistent with holiday sales and even increase receipts at the register: consider adding classic silver gift items to your stock. When it comes to purchasing gift items and jewelry around the holidays, there is nothing more traditional than silver. Quality sterling silver design can be a great way to win new customers and satisfy recurring shoppers who come in for something new. Holiday retail silver sales can help push purchases of other popular gift items and add to sales of other purchases. Retail supply sterling silver will add a touch of class to any store and works well in department stores, gift shops, jewelry stores, card shops, clothing stores, shoe stores, and other types of personal retail outlets.

Ideas for Classic Silver Gift Items

When you think about classic products made from fine sterling silver design, what comes to mind first? If you own a gift shop, you might be thinking about selling wedding, new baby, anniversary, and other special occasion items, like silver spoons, picture frames, and keepsake treasure boxes. For those who run clothing, shoe, or department stores, holiday retail silver sales might center around accessories that can be featured and displayed, such as cufflinks in the men’s department or silver chains with the women’s clothing. As a long-time manufacturer of quality retail supply sterling silver, JT Inman Company has a wide variety of items available in our online catalog that can be purchased for sale in your retail store. We also offer custom design solutions and white label opportunities for business owners who want to build their brand with quality products.

Some of the most popular holiday retail silver sales items include:

  • traditional napkin rings
  • mint julep cups
  • executive office items
  • jewelry and chains
  • key rings
  • photo frames
  • brushes and combs
  • belt buckles
  • pocket knives

Marketing Classic Silver Gift Items

When it comes time to sell products made from fine sterling silver design, you need to know your audience and have an idea of who will purchase these goods. Strategically create your store window or display to include your new products for holiday retail silver sales. Coordinate them with other trending items, such as purses, shoes, sweaters, coats, scarves, and other seasonal gifts. Sterling silver ornaments can be featured on a store Christmas tree or displayed near the register to boost sales. Figure out which part of your store will attract customers that will want to purchase classic silver gift items for loved ones and present them carefully to draw attention.

You can also feature your new sterling silver product line in your store ad or customer newsletter. Consider adding a featurette article with how-to tips for silver care or to talk about silver trends in the fashion world. The good thing about silver is that it is always in style and holds its value. Considered to be a precious metal, along with gold and platinum, the value of holiday retail silver sales goes beyond the affection for the product itself. Many customers will seek out and purchase silver goods specifically because they hold their value. This is why baby spoons, cups, rattles, bowls, and brushes are so popular – it is considered to be an investment in the child’s future and is a tradition that has been around for centuries.

Selling Silver Year-Round

Outside of Santa Claus shaped ornaments and silver bells, most of the retail supply sterling silver that you purchase for holiday sales can also be sold year-round. Classic silver gift items are popular for graduations, First Communion, retirements, promotions, birthdays, and other landmark events. The 25th wedding anniversary is known as the silver anniversary, so many family members and friends will seek out sterling silver design items to give as recognition for such a milestone celebration. Take a look at our catalog to see all of the options for fine sterling silver objects and jewelry. If you would like to learn more about our products or ordering process, contact our customer service team at 508-226-0080.