Holiday Gifts for Retail: Why Consumers Choose Silver Gifts

Silver products for retail sell year-round at department stores, trendy gift shops, jewelry stores, and even big box stores, but for some reason, they seem to sell even better during the holidays. There is something magical about the shine and glow of fine sterling silver, especially under the twinkling lights of the holiday season. Silver is one of the most popular holiday gifts for retail, outside of all those plastic and wooden toys that children put on their lists each year. You might wonder why consumers choose silver gifts over other precious metals and keepsake items. Special occasion silver items also remain popular with consumers, including collectible holiday ornaments, decorations, and unique pieces that are brought out exclusively for family celebrations.

The Popularity of Silver

There are many reasons why consumers choose silver gifts. For one thing, silver is considered to be a precious metal alongside gold and platinum. Silver retains its value and is known as a generational gift due to its popular history of being handed down through the generations. While pure silver is quite soft and malleable, fine sterling silver is made of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent of another metal alloy, which is typically copper. The reason why copper is chosen is because of its inherent qualities, which include providing the soft silver with a stronger makeup to be used in the creation of jewelry, silver objects, and other keepsake items. Other benefits of using copper include the lustrous shine of the metal, which enhances the look and feel of silver products for retail.

While silver does have a reputation for being difficult to care for, it is easy to overcome that objection with a bit of free advice and a demonstration of cleaning. Many retailers offer customers a pamphlet with care information and sell cleaning kits and specialty storage products in the same section of the store to make long-term care even easier. Depending on the price of the object, some stores – in particular jewelry and big name department stores – will frequently provide a small cleaning kit or storage option with purchase. Training your staff to learn how to sell special occasion silver items will directly impact your sales volume. The more you and your team can learn about this precious metal, the easier it will be to demonstrate its value and benefits to your customers.

Silver Bells at Christmastime

Another reason why silver holiday gifts for retail are so popular is because of the time-honored tradition that ties in this precious metal with the Christmas celebrations themselves. Widely known songs like “Silver Bells” conjure up images of shiny silver ornaments on a tree and beautiful fine sterling silver gifts and packages underneath on Christmas morning. The idea of a baby being “born with a silver spoon in its mouth” makes silver objects the perfect gift for a baby’s first Christmas or a baby that is born during the holiday season. Silver holds its value and makes a very positive first impression. Individuals who are looking to purchase a unique gift for a loved one to show how much they care will often turn to special occasion silver items.

Fine sterling silver can be sold in many forms. At JT Inman Company, our team of highly talented and skilled artisans create a wide array of silver jewelry, keepsake items, everyday objects, and specialty pieces that we sell in our retail catalog. Custom objects, including personalization pieces and white label opportunities, are also available for our retail clients who want to take their silver sales to the next level. When pondering why consumers choose silver gifts, think about the answers that you come up with when you set up your display of silver products for retail. Pair silver jewelry with apparel departments within your store or showcase keepsake ornaments, objects, and collectible pieces in your store window, near the register, or in a special display area.

Get More Information

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