Historical Significance of Giving Sterling Silver Baby Items

Baby Gift Items of Fine Sterling SilverA common practice in our culture is to give the parents of new babies or babies who are being Christened sterling silver baby items. People often talk about babies who are blessed, either with good, loving parents or wealth, as being born “with a silver spoon in their mouth.” This is a long-standing tradition throughout America and parts of Europe. Collectible items that are made from silver are still given as gifts of love and respect to honor the new baby. A silver porringer and spoon, baby rattles, cups, diaper pins, and other items can be purchased by retail businesses and stores through providers who are experienced in artistic silver object manufacturing.

JT Inman Company has produced fine sterling silver objects for retail clients since 1882. We have a wide range of sterling silver baby items and other retail supply of sterling silver available in our catalog. We also provide custom crafted products and offer our customers white label manufacturing opportunities. Our full product line allows clients to choose the perfect gifts and products for their stores and shops, designed to fit any special occasion. The more you learn about the significance of giving quality silver gifts and products, the more you will realize just how important it is to offer these items to your customers for gifts, keepsakes, and presentations.

Why is Sterling Silver Significant?

Historians date the idea of giving sterling silver baby items as a gift back as far as the eighteenth century. Porringers, papboats, rattles, spoons, plants, and cups, which were often custom engraved with the child’s name and date of birth, were the most popular. A silver porringer and spoon became the hallmark of children’s gifts, as a token of monetary or material wealth as a symbol of investment in the child’s future. In some cases, practical gifts for the child to use as an adult were given, such as napkin rings, knives, and tankards. Beginning in the mid-1800s, silver baby gifts were also decorated with baby animals, nursery rhyme illustrations, and other customary designs. Silver spoons remain one of the most popular new baby or Christening gifts.

Modern Sterling Silver Baby Items

As the popularity of these gifts rose, manufacturers put more craftsmanship and detail into the objects. Artistic silver object manufacturing has been done by JT Inman Company in Massachusetts since 1882, and we take pride in our ability to provide the quality retail supply of sterling silver objects. Many retail clients purchase sterling silver baby items to sell in their stores, catalogs, or on websites, as they remain quite popular for gift-giving to new babies. Used either at a baby shower, welcome party, or Christening, the more personalized the item, the better. Some retailers purchase our plain sterling silver items and then engrave them at their store for their customers. Others order custom versions of these popular items so they can sell a unique version.

Our clients purchase a wide variety of silver items just for this purpose. Sterling silver diaper pins, rattles, and even baby jewelry are quite popular. We are proud of the tradition that continues at JT Inman Company, of providing top quality sterling silver products to our customers. Whether our clients want a silver porringer and spoon set or if they would like a specialty frame, rattle, or baby cup, our team of experienced and skilled craftsmen can help them achieve their goal. Many different types of stores will sell sterling silver baby items, including gift shops, jewelry stores, department stores, mall shops, baby specialty stores, and many online sales websites. Adding retail supply sterling silver to your store’s stock can provide your customers with new and unique options for baby gifts.

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In addition to baby items, we also sell a wide range of other gifts, keepsakes, and special occasion products. Sterling silver belt buckles, cufflinks, money clips and other corporate design items, as well as brushes and combs, jewelry, enamels, charms, desk accessories, and picture frames, can also be purchased directly for your retail shop. Make sure to ask about our custom artistic silver object manufacturing and white label product opportunities to help you stay ahead of the competition and offer your customers something new and unique. Give us a call at 508-226-0080 to speak with one of our representatives about your needs for retail supply and sterling silver.