With most shops and stores back to full capacity and shoppers eager to immerse themselves in a real-life shopping experience once again, it’s time to get back to the business of selling quality silver keepsake items and gifts. Whether you run a small mom-and-pop type boutique or have a chain of department stores that serve a large regional area, there is a lot more that you could be doing to boost your numbers and increase sales. Silver products for retail can add a bit of elegance and charm to any stock. When you purchase quality silver pieces to showcase in your store, your customers will notice. Adding a variety of price points and options can help to expand your market reach and conversions. Fine sterling silver for retailers can be purchased directly from a manufacturer like JT Inman Company to ensure quality products that will reflect well on your company brand and reputation.

Create a Fun In-Store Experience

One way to attract new customers and bring back old reliable shoppers to your store is to create a fun in-store experience that everyone will enjoy. People are tired of online shopping and parking lot pick-up services. They want to see your products with their own eyes, and yes – touch them and evaluate them up close. Designing a hands-on, inviting, and interactive experience for your customers is a great way to boost sales. Don’t just put those items out on the shelf and hope for the best, go above and beyond to create a shopping experience that your customers will remember and want to share with their friends. Create exciting displays that break away from the usual options. Hang things from the ceiling, design fun store window displays, and get your team in on the action by training them in new ways to interact with shoppers as they browse your store.

Take Advantage of Technology

While most people are over the idea of hand sanitizers on every counter and curbside pick-up experiences, there were some exciting and beneficial technologies released during 2020. Mobile point of sale (POS) systems provide your team with the ability to check out customers wherever they happen to be instead of guiding everyone over to the cash register. This approach can eliminate six-feet-spaced lines and help customers to check out quickly and easily without delay. A more modern approach to finalizing the sale can streamline the process for staff and customers, significantly enhancing the shopping experience. Choose a POS system that will provide you with additional benefits, including inventory management tools, customer management features, and other advantages. Think about shopping experiences you have had where the employee checked you out quickly with a tab and then sent you happily on your way. How did it improve your shopping experience?

Use Data to Your Advantage

While you are collecting customer data, why not use it to benefit the way that you do business. Selling silver products for retail is like any other type of stock item – you need to know your customer base in order to anticipate the things they will want to buy the most. It helps to purchase quality silver items, such as our jewelry line, silver objects, and popular silver keepsake items. These types of products can be sold in department stores, gift shops, boutiques, and even online sales shops. Taking the time to learn all you can about your target demographic and market base will help you to boost sales of sterling silver for retailers and even provide you with the insight necessary to spot significant trends before they blow up in your local area. Drill down on all of the data you are collecting to learn all you can about the shoppers that make purchases at your store. What were they looking for, and what did they ultimately buy? How much did they spend, and who did they buy it for, and why? All of this information is the key to increasing sales and profits.

Contact JT Inman Company

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