Fine Sterling Silver Products: Why Silver Keepsake Items Sell

Keepsake Custom Silver ObjectsBoth the perceived and real value of fine sterling silver products has helped them to sell well to a wide range of demographics for generations. While the history of sterling silver design dates back much longer, modern silver keepsake items give a nod to the vintage pieces that many still prize in their collection today. Beautiful pill boxes, subtle jewelry, and other quality silver items for retail stores are some of the best sellers for holiday and special occasion gift-giving sales. Gift shops, apparel stores, and even shopping mall businesses all do very well when they sell silver objects to their customers.

The Value of Silver

Understanding why silver keepsake items are valuable as gifts can be a bit of a challenge. While silver bars and coins have tangible value, and even your grandmother’s old tea set or vintage silver brush could fetch a surprisingly high price, there is another type of value associated with sterling silver design. As one of the most precious metals popular with consumers, fine sterling silver products are a great way to shower someone you care about with a special and memorable gift. Excellent for baby showers, weddings, engagement parties, anniversaries and other landmark events, along with corporate and business gifts, souvenirs, graduation gifts, and holiday presents, there’s no end to the number of occasions that can be effectively marketed with quality silver items for retail stores.

Sterling silver products are made from 92.5 percent fine silver. You can see the mark of quality on your silver keepsake items stamped into the bottom as 925, .925, or 92.5%, depending on the manufacturer. This is important, as it helps you to know the value of the item that you have purchased as a gift. Silver has been given as a special gift for generations, and many of these quality sterling silver design objects have been kept in excellent condition and passed down to children or grandchildren as a testament to their staying power. Many traditions and customs surrounding gift-giving name fine sterling silver products directly, including the 25th or “silver” wedding anniversary and the classic “silver spoon” gift for a new baby.

Personal Silver Gifts

Because silver is such a valued metal, it is often reserved for special individuals and occasions. Personal silver gifts are a great way to express your love or celebrate a friendship. Silver brushes, combs, mirrors, and other grooming items are some of the most popular silver keepsake items. For the men, you can find cufflinks, collar stays, combs, and pill boxes. These items are considered personal in nature because they aren’t technically jewelry or items used in the decoration of the home. Photo frames, collectible ornaments, and other silver keepsake items often fall under that category, making them perfect for impersonal gift-giving at the holidays or as a surprise for an unsuspecting recipient.

Fine sterling silver products are classy and elegant. Jewelry, boxes, pocket watches, tags, charms, and medallions, are all popular options for both men and women. As a manufacturer of quality silver design since 1882, we have seen a lot of trends come and go. Your best bet to stay ahead of the curve is to get a lot of base items that are classic in nature and have staying power with just about any demographic. Other more specific items can be mixed in by popular demand to meet the interests of trending styles. That way, you won’t over-invest in “flash in the pan” product lines and can focus on what sells.

Not Sure What You Need?

The best place to start is by contacting our team to discuss your needs for a sterling silver design of top quality objects. Our team can walk you through all of the options available for fine sterling silver products at your store. As a leading manufacturer of quality silver keepsake items, jewelry, and other popular products, we can help you with custom design projects, white label manufacturing, and gift items of sterling silver design from our online catalog. Just give us a call at 508-226-0080 and speak with one of our friendly customer service agents for assistance. We can answer any questions that you might have about our line of quality sterling silver objects or help you get started on designing your own custom pieces.