Fine Sterling Silver Products: Ideas to Increase Summer Sales

increase summer silver salesUnlike the fall and winter seasons, which have lots of pre-planned holidays that inspire gift-giving and other purchases, summer is more relative to the individual and the events that they are invited to attend. Weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, and birthdays, as well as anniversary parties, graduations, and other celebrations, are common during the late spring and summer months. Summer silver products are also popular choices for vacationers and can be seen in gift shops at fine hotels, resorts, and other upscale tourist areas. As manufacturers of silver jewelry and other fine sterling silver products, JT Inman Company offers a wide range of silver gift shop ideas that are perfect for the summer season.

Weddings & Anniversaries

Silver is a popular material of choice for weddings, bridal showers, and anniversaries. For those celebrating milestone marriages, the 25th anniversary is even known as the Silver Anniversary. Gifts made of fine sterling silver, including photo frames, ornaments, jewelry, and keepsakes, are popular choices for family members, friends, and other guests invited to this monumental anniversary party. Other anniversaries can be celebrated with summer silver products as well, as silver has a reputation for being a quality gift to mark such an occasion. For brides, couples, and wedding party members, silver gift shop ideas can include treasure boxes, personalized jewelry, flasks, and cufflinks. Gifts for the bride-and-groom or for a couple celebrating an anniversary can include practical products, such as napkin rings, serving trays, spoons, and other traditional items.

Travel & Vacations

When most people think about souvenirs collected during summer vacation, they remember cheap plastic trinkets or shell jewelry purchased from a tiny little shop near the motel where they stayed. However, exclusive summer silver products are also just as popular. An elegant chain, locket, or keychain made by quality manufacturers of silver jewelry and keepsakes might be just what you need to thank a friend for bringing in the mail or to buy for yourself and remember your travels. Shimmery fine sterling silver products look beautiful against tanned summer skin and are widely used in fashion year-round. Silver gift shop ideas should include a variety of price points to ensure everyone can buy your fine sterling silver products when they visit your gift shop on vacation.

Baby Showers & Events

Another category where we see a lot of interest as manufacturers of silver jewelry and gifts is for a baby shower and other related events. Christenings, Baptisms, First Communions, Baby Showers, and Welcome Home parties for new babies are great opportunities to gift summer silver products. Baby spoons and spoon-and-fork sets, rattles, engraved photo frames with birth dates and other information, as well as porringers, cups, and other high-end gift sets, are all very popular with many different types of customers. These are all excellent silver gift shop ideas that can be sold year-round with high visibility during the spring and summer months. With more people coming together again for parties and celebrations, this year is already shaping up to be a big time for gift-giving and grand events.

Graduation Gifts

Whether you have a loved one who is graduating from high school, university, or a specialized trade school, it is important to celebrate such a hard-earned milestone with a gift. Keepsake gifts, including engraved pieces, jewelry, and traditional items, are products that become cherished things that are kept for many years before being handed down to children and grandchildren. If you have ever been gifted a silver piece, such as a business card holder, desk set, or treasure box, you remember who gave it to you, on what occasion, and how it made you feel. Fine sterling silver products are something that you never forget, making them the perfect option for gift-giving at graduations, birthdays, and other events.

Stock Up on Silver Gift Shop Ideas

Whether you operate a gift shop, department store, boutique, or any other type of retail business, it pays to ensure that you have all of the summer silver products and seasonal gift items you need to satisfy your customers’ requirements. Fine sterling silver products will reflect well on you and your store, so it pays to work with American manufacturers of silver jewelry and objects like JT Inman Company. Contact our team by calling 508-226-0080 to learn more about our catalog items or to order quality sterling silver pieces for your retail store.