One way to boost sales on a website is by increasing the number of items that you sell. Adding new types of sterling silver jewelry or select holiday gifts for retail to your already popular lineup may boost interest in everything else that you have to offer. Highlighting new products in a featured spot, newsletter mailer, or sale ad can also be beneficial. Selling fine sterling silver online should be similar to how you showcase it in a retail store. Know your audience, what they want, and how they prefer to shop for it, and your sales will rise.

However, there is another method for expanding your catalog that can also be used to increase your bottom line. Studies show that today’s consumers are becoming more interested in browsing and going through a website to see what is available. Some types of shopping are out of necessity, such as cleaning products or grocery shopping. When someone is looking to purchase sterling silver jewelry for themself or wants to buy holiday gifts for retail to celebrate a special occasion with a loved one, it becomes a more positive shopping experience. You can take advantage of this trend by incorporating catalog-like sales opportunities into your product listings.

Make Purchasing Easier

If you have ever bought something online through a social media website, you know that the process of purchasing is significantly streamlined. You see a photo of something that you want, click on a SHOP NOW or BUY NOW button underneath the image, and you are directed to a sales page where the item is already in your cart. A few easy keystrokes, signing in with Google Pay, Apple Pay, or PayPal makes it easy to finish up the sale without having to reach for your wallet.

Aim to make it easier for shoppers to buy featured or popular items on your website in a similar fashion. Reduce the amount of data that needs to be collected to make the sale and add a few quick steps that allow the user to add-on related items, choose a gift wrap or receipt option, and have it shipped the next business day. If you can eliminate the extra items that don’t need to be there to streamline the process, you will see an increase in sales. This works, not just with impulse buys, but with well thought out purchase as well.

Favorites, Lists, and Other Personalization Tools

Another way that successful online sterling silver sales are being made is by inviting shoppers to create easy-to-use favorites, lists, and other personalization tools. Not only are they more likely to come back and make a purchase when they need holiday gifts for retail or sterling silver jewelry for that special someone, but shoppers also like to share their lists with others. Not sure what to get someone for their birthday? Ask for access to their list at a favorite retailer shop. Wondering where that influencer bought those silver earrings? You can see in her must-have list on social media.

Today’s customers have come to expect that popular websites will have options that they can use to personalize their experience. Creating hand-picked lists of favorite things, making a collection of wish list items, and making shopping lists for family and close friends during the holidays is a favorite pastime of many. Work with your website developer to find new ways that you can allow shoppers to interact with your products and share their finds with others. Offer multiple “share” options, including email, social media, and text, to maximize the experience for everyone involved.

Focus on Mobile

As we have demonstrated, mobile devices are becoming more and more popular. Not just with social media and following popular influencers, but also with online sales. If you do not have a great mobile catalog that you can use to push your online sterling silver sales, you could be missing out on a lot of potential income. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but maximize the website and online presence that you already have to ensure that you are accommodating the needs and demands of your core audience.

To learn more about selling fine sterling silver online or see our catalog options of holiday gifts for retail, visit our website and browse our products. We can provide retail store owners with a wide range of sterling silver jewelry and fine sterling silver objects that they can sell to their customers. Contact our team at 508-226-0080 to discuss how you can start selling our high-quality silver products in your store.