Whether you already have a company website and an online selling presence, or if you are just thinking about moving some of your sales to the internet to expand your reach, it is essential to learn how to sell silver objects online effectively. There are certain strategies that can help you transition your business into the world of online sales without taking the focus off the brick-and-mortar sales that you are making right now. Partnering with sterling silver manufacturers in the USA can really help you by providing you with quality goods and custom silver objects that you can use to set your store apart from other competitors.

Tip #1 – Try the Honest Approach

The internet is full of sales hype, and unfortunately, many consumers no longer trust what they read. The best way to combat this type of objection is to be straight-forward and honest in your sales pitch. When businesses oversell an item, make promises that they can’t keep, or make false claims, they might sell a few products in the beginning, but eventually, it will all catch up with them. A good reputation is essential in any retail business, but on the internet, it is golden. Consumer reviews, recommendations, referrals, and social media word of mouth can make or break you in an instant. Be honest when you sell silver objects online and provide photos, videos, and other effective sales tools that will help your customers know what they are getting.

Tip #2 – Share Reviews and Testimonials

When you do get reviews from your customers, make sure to show them off on your website. Whenever possible, include the person’s name, location, photo, and any other personal information that you can obtain along with their written review. Satisfied customers are more valuable than the best-crafted sales pitch, so don’t overlook this amazing asset when you are building up your website. Include reviews on product pages, category listings, front page information, and even opt-in mailers. If you have earned any type of accreditations for being a good business, such as the Better Business Bureau or even your city’s Chamber of Commerce, make sure to create a little brag space on your website to let customers know.

Tip #3 – Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

One way to really build consumer confidence in the custom silver objects that you sell in your online retail sales website is to offer a money-back guarantee. Don’t just do a 30-day guarantee or provide refunds for those who received defective products, offer an across-the-board, risk-free opportunity to return ANY item for ANY reason with a money-back guarantee that you are willing to enforce. Making an online purchase can be risky – even more so when you are purchasing sterling silver jewelry, gifts, and other items from a retailer that you might not know. Remove all worry and doubt by being clear about your iron-clad guarantee and spell out the terms and conditions.

Tip #4 – Focus on Niche Products

Another great tool that you can use to increase sales is to put your focus on a specific range of products or niche categories that will really help you to target your market demographic. When you narrow down your offerings, it also helps customers to find what they need without feeling as though they are lost in a sea of too many products. If you sell gifts, make sure to create categories for adults and children, men and women, as well as seasonal items for holiday or special occasion gift-giving, but be careful not to create too many options. The easier it is to navigate your website and find what the person is looking for, the more likely they will be to make a purchase.

Tip #5 – Make Purchasing Products Easy

While this might sound like a no-brainer, you would be surprised to see how many online retail sales websites make their customers jump through a lot of hoops just to make a purchase. This is the number one reason for abandoned carts, and experts estimate that it accounts for as much as 60 percent in lost revenue each year. Reduce the amount of friction in your checkout process and skip any unnecessary fields in forms, eliminate extra pages, and don’t overwhelm your customers with too many options. Short time outs cause customers to have to go back into the site, find the items again and hope that they don’t become impatient and move on to some other retailer. Make it as easy as you can to boost your bottom line.

Sell Quality Custom Silver Objects

By far, the best tip is to make sure that the items you sell in your retail store – whether online or in your local community – come from reputable sterling silver manufacturers in the USA. Learn all you can about the hallmarks of quality sterling silver, know what to look for, and share that knowledge with your customers. If you want to sell silver objects online, take time to gain an understanding of what makes quality custom silver objects so you can share that information with your customers. Contact JT Inman Company by calling 508-226-0080 to learn more about our full line of sterling silver objects, jewelry, and keepsakes.