Digital Marketing Tips for Selling Silver Jewelry for Retail

digital marketing for jewelry sales onlineThe world of retail marketing has changed significantly in just a single generation. Gone are the days of reaching customers through local newspaper ads. Consumers have gone digital, and so must retail store owners if they hope to capture their attention. Digital marketing for silver enamel jewelry items, retail supply silver objects, and even custom products must be your top priority. It is important to learn how to adapt from the traditional marketing methods and figure out how to effectively promote your business online – and gain more customers in the process. Whether you sell in-person, online, or have a hybrid approach to sales, make sure to partner with reputable manufacturers of silver jewelry. If you do not have quality pieces, your customers will notice, and it will impact your brand. Make sure you are selling products that you can be proud of and would want customers to associate with your company.

Affordable Digital Marketing Tools

The good news is that compared to traditional advertising methods, digital marketing is quite affordable. It doesn’t cost a lot to create promotional emails, research hashtags, make social media stories, or even do some behind-the-scenes videos to share on your website and social media pages. The good thing is that whatever you do to learn about keywords, hashtags, and working with popular social media apps, you can usually apply that knowledge to other areas of your digital marketing program. It can be a lot easier to sell custom silver jewelry or silver enamel jewelry items when you have a solid audience on Facebook, Instagram, or Tick Tock.

Other ways to get your company name and products out there is to highlight the products themselves, such as doing a showcase about your manufacturers of silver jewelry, the type of silver that is used, and the artisans who create it. You could also do employee spotlights within your own company, sharing relative information about staff to make them more approachable and real for customers to speak with about purchasing your silver jewelry for retail. Consumers used to appreciate a big brand name corporation, but now many are seeking to know the face and the person behind the company. Even larger businesses are seeing this are taking a small-to-medium-sized (SMB) approach to customer service by putting their team out there in a friendly and positive way.

Use Your Brand Whenever, Wherever Possible

Another huge tip that you can use to your advantage whenever you are posting online is to use your brand whenever possible. Your social media accounts, email, and website should all contain your company name. Branded hashtags, which are hashtags that contain a detail about your business and your company brand name, are a powerful way to get the word out about what you do. There are a lot of businesses out there that sell silver enamel jewelry items and custom silver jewelry, so it is your job to make your organization stand out from the rest. Consumers will quickly identify your company from another if you have done your job well, and you will reap the benefits of increased sales.

Get in the habit of doing daily stories, including a video of your store, warehouse, employees, new displays, unboxing of new products from manufacturers of silver jewelry, how-to tutorials, and advice for customers to make shopping even more exciting and satisfying. Contests and giveaways, surveys and polls, as well as anything interactive that you can put together to get people talking and interacting with your social media page or website. Try to tie in web-based digital marketing efforts with in-store events, sales, and opportunities to further promote your brand in a fun and exciting way.

Quality Silver Jewelry for Retail

Selling custom silver jewelry is easy when you know you have a quality product for your customers. When you work with JT Inman Company, you can be confident in knowing that our silver jewelry for retail is of the best quality and made from fine sterling silver right here in New England. As manufacturers of silver jewelry for commercial and corporate clients, we work with a wide variety of designs, styles, and trends to ensure that our customers have what they need to satisfy their market base. To learn more about our products or to speak with a representative about placing an order, contact our team at 508-226-0080.