custom white label opportunitiesRetail businesses that want to grow their brand and build a reputation for selling quality items have two options for separating themselves from the competition. One method is to work with a manufacturer of silver jewelry and objects to create a custom product that only you can sell. JT Inman Company has a team of highly skilled and experienced artisans on staff who can work with clients to create custom sterling silver objects according to their specifications. The retail store owners can then package, brand, and sell the finished product any way that they want, knowing that the item was created by a quality USA manufacturer. The other method is to take advantage of white label opportunities, which involve the purchase of generic products created by a manufacturer like JT Inman Company, which can then be repackaged, branded, and sold as your own.

How to Design Custom Silver Items for Retailers

The first option, which involves the design, development, and manufacture of custom sterling silver objects and jewelry, is likely the most familiar to most retailers. Working with a designer or sterling silver artisan to create original and unique products, gifts, and pieces can be very involved. Still, they can also offer a big pay off if the product becomes popular with consumers. When you design and manufacture your own product, you completely own the rights to it, and no one else can sell it without your permission. This eliminates the possibility that any other retailer could be selling the exact same piece of jewelry, photo frame, holiday ornament, or keychain that you have designed for custom sales.

Just like any other tool used by businesses to step out from the crowd and establish themselves as a unique retailer, there are pros and cons. The biggest positive is that no one else would have your original design. They might be able to make similar knock-offs, depending on what you choose to create, but they would not be able to sell the exact same thing. However, there are other things to consider, such as the time and money invested in research and development, testing, marketing, and packaging. Creating an original product out of thin air can be a challenge, which is why new or unproven retailers often avoid working with designing custom sterling silver objects and jewelry.

What Are White Label Opportunities?

While you might not have heard of white label opportunities before, you have certainly seen products in major commercial stores that fall into this category. White label, which is sometimes confused with private label, refers to generic products that are designed and manufactured by a company like JT Inman Company. They are sold to retailers, who are given license to repackage and brand the products, putting their name on them as though they were their own. This allows retailers to skip the research and development phase, having confidence in the value and function of the product so they can instead focus on the branding and marketing to further their company reputation.

Much more affordable and less time-consuming than designing custom sterling silver objects on their own, many start-up companies and smaller businesses can take advantage of white label opportunities to build a relationship with consumers. Choosing to work with a reputable manufacturer is the first and most essential step, especially when dealing with fine sterling silver jewelry and objects. You do not want to put your name on a product that does not have the standard of quality that your customers expect, or they will associate your brand with cheap and low-value products. Unlike designing custom silver items for retailers, white label opportunities do not require a huge investment or any experience, making it a great tool for those new to the retail industry.

Quality You Can Count On

JT Inman Company has provided top-quality silver jewelry and objects since 1882. Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, our goal is to become your source for sterling silver gifts of the highest quality and originality. Whether you take advantage of our white label opportunities, design your own custom sterling silver objects, or choose products from our catalog to sell in your retail store, you can rely on the artistic integrity and craftsmanship that you will see in every product that we manufacture and sell. You can reach our customer service team by calling 508-226-0080 to learn more about our full product line and other opportunities in custom silver items for retailers.