Custom Corporate Silver GiftsThere may come a time when you require custom silver objects for your retail store. Spotting a potential trend or merely responding to consumer demands can help your business to stand out from competitors. Special occasion silver items, keepsake gifts, holiday products, and jewelry are always changing and evolving in response to retail trends. While many traditional items continue to be sold and purchased year after year, it is also a good idea to keep an eye on new products that have the potential to be big sellers in your local market.

At JT Inman Company, we have been designing and manufacturing quality silver production for retailers since 1882. We work with some of the biggest names in the business and serve many different industries outside of consumer retail. We offer white label opportunities, as well as the ability to create custom silver objects to specification. Corporate gifts, exclusive holiday ornaments, special occasion silver items, and more continue to be great money-makers for our clients who come back to us frequently to add to their stock. Whatever you need in the way of custom sterling silver design, our team of craftsmen and designers can help you to achieve your goals.

A Smart Partnership

One way to be successful in the production of custom silver objects is to partner with a manufacturer who has experience in this arena. You might have a fantastic idea, but in the wrong hands, it will never be as profitable as it could be. JT Inman Company works with clients across the country and around the globe to design and manufacture special occasion silver items in addition to the quality products that we sell in our catalog. We can also customize existing designs to help them better meet the needs of your customers.

One of the benefits of selling custom sterling silver design is that you will be the only one selling the product. Even though we create and manufacture it for you, your unique custom design belongs to you and you alone. You have the option to allow others to sell your custom silver objects but can choose to keep them exclusive to your store. We do a lot of custom silver production for retailers to create unique gifts for special occasions. Our goal is to become your source for sterling silver products. The artistic integrity and craftsmanship of our products help you to provide your customers with the very best.

Selecting a Product

Perhaps the most challenging part of creating your own custom silver objects is deciding what you want to make. Once again, experts recommend that you look at your own target demographic to gain insight into what your customers would want to purchase. You don’t want to invest time and money into a design only to find out that it won’t sell. Working with a reputable manufacturer of silver production for retailers can be helpful, as well. Our team will work with you to go over your ideas for special occasion silver items to determine the best course of action to take.

Another way to go is to take a product that already sells well and figure out how to make it better. It can be something that we already manufacture in our catalog or something that you’ve seen sold at other stores that you can improve on enough to make it an original product. This approach can help you to streamline your efforts, reduce time to market, and eliminate many of the bugs and issues that would need to be fixed in prototyping. We make it easier to turn your ideas into a reality through effective communication and a team of highly trained and experienced craftsmen.

Contact JT Inman Company

If you are ready to start designing your own custom silver objects or want to learn more about silver production for retailers, give us a call at 508-226-0080. We can answer any questions you might have about custom sterling silver design and help you get started. Browse our online catalog and use our contact form to reach out to one of our team members to place an order with JT Inman Company.