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Selling standard products that customers want and already trust is a great way to launch a retail business. You know that the items you are selling will sell, as long as you don’t hike up the pricing. On the other hand, another great way to build your brand is to sell custom products. However, for a new and growing business, investing in research and development can seem impossible on a restricted budget. One way to achieve this goal and sell custom sterling silver objects in your store is to work with sterling silver manufacturers in the USA. Instead of trying to come up with fresh designs on your own, you can work with a proven sterling silver design team at JT Inman Company and offer fine sterling silver products that bear your company brand name.

White Label Opportunities

Many different types of businesses rely on white label. This is a type of partnership with a manufacturer that allows stores to sell items that feature their brand name that are already proven to be quality products. Jewelry items, gift items, home decor pieces, and more are all readily available through reputable sterling silver manufacturers in the USA like JT Inman Company. Our team works on the sterling silver design, manufactures the products, and your store has the option to package, market, and brand the items to help build trust and reputation with your customers. You have likely purchased items that were sold under this type of white label opportunity arrangement and didn’t even know it. Some of the top department stores and retail brands in the business use white label opportunities to expand their brand into selling to customers who trust the products that they already sell.

Custom Sterling Silver Objects

Another way to approach this type of unique sales opportunity is to work with a manufacturer to create custom sterling silver objects that can only be sold in your store. Unlike white label opportunities, which can be branded by other companies along with yours, custom sterling silver design belongs to your business. When you work side by side with our team of artistic craftsmen to create fine sterling silver products, you have the ability to create original pieces that no one else is selling. If having something that is completely yours sounds more appealing than a white label opportunity product, then this might be the solution for you and your business. It can be more costly to invest in the design and manufacture of custom objects and jewelry, but if having something unique is essential to the success of your brand, this is a great way to do it.

Catalog Sterling Silver Products

Some businesses simply want to sell quality products in their store and not worry about custom or white label opportunities. JT Inman Company has a complete online catalog of fine sterling silver products, jewelry, and collectible objects that you can browse for your store. Many of these items can be personalized through engraving and other custom options at your shop. This is a popular method of selling custom pieces without having to invest in design, development, research, and marketing for a completely original piece. Speak with one of our agents about the products that we sell through our catalog that can be easily customized. Some of these products include photo frames, business card holders, golfing divots, guitar picks, bracelets, and other popular gift items.

Sell Something Unique in Your Store

If you would like to learn more about all of the sterling silver design opportunities available through JT Inman Company, you can speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents. We work with retail clients all across the country and around the globe, supplying a variety of catalog and custom sterling silver objects for retail sales. Department stores, mall kiosks, online retailers, gift shops, and other popular retail outlets have all sold our products made by our sterling silver manufacturers in the USA at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. Give us a call at 508-226-0080. We can answer any questions you might have about silver production for retailers, as well as discuss options for our white label opportunities. Call today for pricing, ordering, and partnership information.