At JT Inman Company, we don’t just provide quality silver items for retail stores; we also offer a wide selection of corporate gifts in silver to employers who want to recognize the efforts of their team or provide custom corporate gifts to clients. Sterling silver corporate objects are very popular among executives. Nothing says “I’ve arrived” quite like a sterling silver business card case or desk accessories set. There are plenty of occasions when corporate gifts are appropriate, which is why many of our customers invest in purchasing a large stock of options to have ready to award when the opportunity arises.

Appropriate Gift-Giving Events

You might wonder when it’s okay to give corporate gifts to employees. Many businesses steer away from birthdays, as those are personal occasions that are better celebrated with a cake in the break room. However, for just about everything else, our quality silver items for retail stores would also be appropriate to serve as company or executive gifts. From gift baskets to thank-you gifts for clients and colleagues to holiday gifts and award incentives, we have a lot of options that can be used to create a quality gift that anyone would be happy to receive.

Some of the occasions that are appropriate for corporate gift-giving include:

  • new client
  • client retention
  • recognition gifts for employees
  • employee anniversary
  • awards programs
  • promotional products
  • business and executive gifts
  • trade show giveaways
  • incentive programs
  • motivational gifts

Adding a Corporate Logo

Some of our executive clients like to add a company logo to custom corporate gifts, while others prefer to keep it simple. This is a personal decision that works well for some customers, but it is not something that everyone wants to do. Depending on the company and the situation, a logo might not be appropriate. However, if you do want to add a logo to sterling silver corporate objects, we can accommodate your wishes. Corporate logos are great for employee awards, trade show giveaways, and other promotional items.

Consider purchasing a couple of different items at various price points for corporate gifts. Quality silver items for retail stores can be reserved for clients and executive awards or achievements, while more straightforward items can be saved for trade show giveaways and other large-scale events. For example, if you plan on giving sterling silver corporate gifts to all of your clients, you might want to choose an affordable option that won’t be too costly. Then again, if you are celebrating a landmark event or company anniversary, perhaps a showy gift is more appropriate.

Gift Examples for Various Recipients

When it comes to deciding which gifts are appropriate for each group of recipients, it helps to have an essential guide. You want to make sure that the gifts are worthy of the occasion and that you aren’t overdoing it either. For example, when it comes to members of your Board of Directors, speakers at major corporate events, and visiting dignitaries or other high-end executives consider traditional gifts. Popular sterling silver corporate objects include photo frames, cufflinks, pocket watches, and other keepsakes. Gifts for employees should be well-made and quality items, but not as costly. Corporate gifts in silver for this category can include money clips, business card cases, and tie bars with or without the company logo.

Advertising and branding opportunities in the form of sterling silver corporate objects should be used sparingly and, in nearly every situation, should include the company logo. Make sure to have a strategic budget and play for the giveaway. Consider higher quality items as part of a sweepstakes or another big promotion. Think about how the gifts will be given away, either at a specific event, in-person at your offices, or shipped by mail directly to the recipient. Make sure you have a list of employees who are allowed to give out the custom corporate gifts and do not allow others who might not understand the strategy to get involved. This will help to avoid misunderstandings and accidental giveaways of premier-quality gifts.

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