One of the most challenging gift options includes corporate items for clients, employee rewards, and other work-related gift-giving. You don’t want to go too extravagant, and you also don’t want to go cheap. However, there are certain situations where quality really matters, such as a milestone reward or retirement gift for a long-standing employee. Client gifts should not be shrugged off either, and should definitely be elevated beyond the low-cost “SWAG” that gets handed out at trade show.

Corporate silver objects can be a great way to say thank-you or show appreciation for a job well done. Why choose silver gifts? Sterling silver design for corporate gifts sends a positive message about you, your company, and the way the company values the recipient. Instead of a gift basket filled with sweets or beef jerky, you could be giving out quality silver products for retail that have been customized for your corporate needs.

Desk Accessories

One of the most obvious ideas in corporate silver objects includes custom desk accessories. You could put the company logo, name of the company, or other branding details on the sterling silver design. You could also personalize the silver items for the recipient to really show that you put a lot of thought into the gift. Sterling silver business card holders are classic and something that everyone appreciates. Letter openers, paper weights, stamp boxes, name plate holders, and other accessories are excellent gifts for those in the corporate world. There are no concerns about appropriateness, value, or quality when you choose our silver products for retail from JT Inman Company.

Bar Items

Depending on the policies of your office, bar items might also be a good choice. Beautifully crafted goblets, mint julep cups, jiggers, etched liquor tags, thimble jiggers, and sterling silver design trays are excellent for the office or home bar. Make sure to consider the recipient before giving bar gifts just in case the person does not drink or if it would not be appropriate in the workplace. For those who do appreciate a good drink at the end of a hard day, corporate silver objects that fall into this category are quite popular and will look at home in a stately executive office space.

Executive Accessories

When you think about the different silver products for retail and how they might fit into a corporate setting, executive accessories can really fit the bill. Cufflinks in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, as well as custom versions, can be very popular in the executive world. Keyrings, money clips, tie bars, tags, keepsake boxes, and blazer buttons are examples of some other popular options in corporate accessories. The sterling silver design is high quality, and the size of the gift items are small, making them more affordable and appropriate for gift-giving as employee recognition or client thank-you gifts.

Classic Gifts

When you consider corporate silver objects that are frequently given as gifts, a few items, in particular, come to mind. Pocket watches, compasses, pocket knives, buck knives, sterling silver toothpicks, collar stays, luggage tags, belt buckles, and whistles may be appropriate gift items, depending on the industry you serve. For many executives, golf is not just a weekend hobby but a way to network with colleagues and connect with superiors out on the course. Golf ball markers, divot doctors, and golf tees are some examples of classic sterling silver design options that can be given away as gifts.

Why Choose Silver Gifts?

Sterling silver is an elegant gift, regardless of the occasion. Considered to be a precious metal, sterling silver is still more affordable than gold or platinum, but is just as popular among consumers because of its stunning quality. Silver products for retail always sell well, regardless of the occasion. Silver gifts send a positive message to the recipient that you want them to feel appreciated. It’s a big step above company logo tumblers, plastic key tags, and pens. If you really want to show your employees, clients, vendors, and other colleagues how much you appreciate them consider silver products for retail.

Browse our online catalog to see more options in sterling silver design or contact our customer service team direct to discuss ideas for custom corporate gift items. You can reach our team at 508-226-0080 or by using our online contact form. JT Inman Company has produced quality craftsmanship sterling silver since 1882, providing our clients with a wide range of options for custom, white label, and wholesale stock.