cleaning sterling silver objectsOwning quality jewelry pieces means learning how to care for it and store it properly to increase longevity and maintain luster. Sterling silver care is required to preserve the appearance of the material. Made from a mixture of 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent quality copper, cleaning sterling silver objects is not as challenging as you might think. Keeping sterling silverware shiny and bright requires proper storage and regular cleaning with professional silver cleaning products, but fine sterling silver jewelry is different. The more you wear it, the less you will need to clean it.

Storing Silver Jewelry

Without proper care, sterling silver can become oxidized over time and become covered in a dingy, tarnished film. To protect it, storing silver jewelry means keeping it from being exposed to air and light. For best results, sterling silver care should include keeping pieces individually inside of a fabric or plastic bag, which is kept in a cool, dry place. Humidity, moisture, and heat will speed up the oxidation process, as will sunlight. Before storing your silver jewelry, make sure to use the proper silver cleaning products to give it the best chance of avoiding oxidation. Cleaning sterling silver objects should be done with the proper tools and products for optimal results.

Cleaning Sterling Silver Objects

Whether you have fine sterling silver jewelry or custom silver objects, the process used for cleaning them should be pretty much the same. Be extra careful with delicate and intricate items to prevent them from becoming scratched or damaged. While fine sterling silver is made with pure silver and copper for strength, scratches and bending can still occur if care is not taken during handling, cleaning, and storage. If your silver is already showing signs of tarnish, extra cleaning might be necessary.

The steps to proper sterling silver care include:

  • apply a small amount of silver cleaning products to a soft cloth
  • rub the cloth gently over the silver a few times to coat the silver
  • the silver can be rinsed in warm water and then immediately dried
  • drying should be done with another clean polishing cloth or special jewelry mitts
  • tarnish is removed during the drying phase, which should also restore the luster and shine of your fine sterling silver jewelry and objects

Daily Sterling Silver Care

If you wear your fine sterling silver jewelry on a daily basis, you won’t have to spend time cleaning sterling silver objects as frequently. The natural oils in your skin will help to keep the sterling silver clean whenever you wear it. However, because the layer of oxidation can occur whenever silver is exposed to salty air, humidity, cosmetics, perspiration, household chemicals, chlorine, and sulfur, it is highly recommended that you remove and properly store your jewelry when any of the mentioned conditions are present. As described above, an airtight container that keeps out moisture and light is best, but there are other solutions. Even a zip-top bag with an anti-tarnish strip tossed inside will be beneficial. This is great for traveling, at work, or whenever you need to quickly remove your sterling silver jewelry.

Other times you might want to remove your jewelry for sterling silver care include:

  • household cleaning
  • outdoor gardening and chores
  • showering or bathing
  • swimming in a pool or hot tub
  • swimming in the ocean
  • exercising at a gym or any other location
  • cooking or preparing meals

Quality Sterling Silver Objects and Jewelry

One way to really sell your silver pieces to customers is to provide information on cleaning sterling silver objects. You could also sell silver cleaning products and offer a brochure on sterling silver care to help overcome objections. The more consumers learn about caring for and storing silver jewelry, the more comfortable they will feel about buying it and wearing it frequently. To see our full line of fine sterling silver products, browse our online catalog or contact our team directly at 508-226-0080. We can answer any questions you might have about our sterling silver jewelry, objects, and gifts, as well as provide details about our custom product options and white label opportunities for retailers. Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, we sell quality silver items to retailers across the country and around the globe.