classic silver gift itemsWhenever a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or other significant event comes up, it can be a challenge for many people to figure out the best gifts to purchase. As a result, consumers will often visit local retail stores or browse online businesses for ideas that can help them make a good choice. As a retailer, it is your job to provide customers with options that will help them achieve their goals. A good rule of thumb is to offer a variety of selections in a couple of different price points so you can satisfy the needs of a large demographic. Most people go into a store with a price limit in their head, so if you can offer a range of affordable gifts and over-the-top executive gifts, you are more likely to get the sale than if you limited yourself to only cheap or expensive products. Sterling silver for retailers is an excellent product line that comes in a range of price points, including keepsake silver objects and jewelry. Classic silver gift items are a joy to give and receive, as most everyone appreciates the value of fine sterling silver objects.

Top Gifts NEVER to Give to Anyone

Did you know that there are actually lists online that tell you what you should never give to someone as a gift? Some of the reasons are quite humorous, such as feeling that the item might be unlucky or as a sign that you are not supportive of the event that is being celebrated. This is true for weddings, new babies, retirement parties, and engagements. One example is the umbrella. In Chinese culture, giving an umbrella is a symbol of disapproval and unhappiness. Clocks can also have mixed emotions attached to them. While they are a traditional gift for certain anniversaries, you might offend someone in another culture if you gift them a clock. Knives are commonly given as wedding gifts in North American and are frequently at the top of gift registries, but some cultures believe that knives are bad luck and have a lot of superstitions attached to them.

Other gifts that certain countries and cultures believe are bad luck include scissors, handkerchiefs, combs, and pocketknives. Shoes, black clothing, mirrors, and pets all round out the popular top lists of gifts that you should never gift to anyone. Certain flowers also hold special meanings. While some include love and affection, others are used at memorials and funerals and have other emotions attached to them. Even the number of flowers might indicate other messages. A dozen roses mean, “I love you,” while two-dozen roses could mean “marry me” or “I’m sorry,” depending on the culture. Make sure you don’t actually say something you don’t mean to simply by gifting someone the wrong thing at the wrong time. You are better off sticking with classic silver gift items and other quality silver objects and jewelry to prevent any misunderstandings.

Sterling Silver for Retailers

Many different types of retail stores can benefit from stocking classic silver gift items, such as bracelets, ornaments, practical products, and commemorative pieces. Displaying these items with other seasonal showcases or placing them carefully in areas of your store with like gift products is a great way to boost sales. Increasing consumer awareness about the products that you carry in your gift shop or store can make it easier to make the sale. Because many customers come into shops just to browse and get ideas for gift-giving, learning how to strategically place these types of items can help you to improve your conversions. Instead of being a source of inspiration, your store could be the place where everyone comes to buy the best gifts for all occasions. That is a great reputation that most businesses would love to have.

Working with a reputable manufacturer also goes a long way toward building your reputation for selling the best silver objects and jewelry. JT Inman Company has worked hard to earn loyal customers in the New England area, across the country, and around the globe since 1882. We have a wide selection of sterling silver for retailers designed to help you purchase quality silver items for your store or online business. We also have custom design opportunities through our team of highly trained and skilled artisans to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for your store. White label silver manufacturing is also a popular way to build your brand without having to reinvent the wheel and spend a lot of time and money on research and development. You can count on our many years of experience and knowledge of sterling silver for retailers to get you the products you want for your store.

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