Christmas Holiday Gifts for Retail: Custom Silver Products

holiday shopping for silver productsIt might sound a bit early to someone who does not work in the retail industry, but there’s no better time to start preparing your store for holiday shopping than right now. We are currently less than six months away from the official Thanksgiving kickoff for the holiday season – do you know which products you will be featuring in your store? Keepsake silver pieces and custom silver products can be the best way to attract new customers and keep regular shoppers coming back for more. Even if you sell well throughout the year, it is possible to increase holiday silver sales by adjusting your marketing approach and creating showcase features that will attract even more attention to your products. Holiday gifts for retail can include keepsake pieces, seasonal ornaments, custom engraved items, and beautiful jewelry, as well as other trending objects.

Start Preparations Right Now

The best time to get your store in order for the holiday shopping season is right now, in the middle of summer. While it might feel more like time to take a tropical vacation, the truth is that your focus should be on purchasing quality keepsake silver pieces and making plans for featuring items that will increase holiday silver sales. Forget about spring cleaning, summer is the best season for store owners to get everything planned for the holiday sales season. The more you can do now, the better prepared you will be when fall comes around, and the shoppers start looking for unique gifts. Custom silver products, even classic pieces that can be customized or personalized with engravings, are a solid bet, especially if you serve customers who are looking for one-of-a-kind pieces.

JT Inman Company has a large catalog of proven and successful holiday gifts for retail. Opportunities for white label branding and custom silver products can further assist your business as you grow and expand your reach. Now is the time to seize the day and go through your warehouse, review your stock items, and consider adding new pieces to help boost interest and sales when it matters most. While it might seem that you have a lot of time to prepare for the holiday season, the truth is that by the time the kids go back to school this August, you will have less than three months until Black Friday. Let that sink in… less than three months. Are you ready to start prepping for the holidays yet?

Get Organized in Every Way

If you have been overwhelmed since the last holiday season and haven’t found time to organize your files, receipts, or office since Tax Day, now is the time to take time and get it done. Get everything in order, including your stock, vendors, receipts, workspace, files, and any other area that requires your attention. Go over your marketing plans, contracts, and customer data so you can be better prepared to hit the ground running when the holidays arrive. If you have been planning to do a customer newsletter or offer a seasonal sale, now is the time to do so. Keep in contact with your customers over the summer, so they will think of you right away when they begin to make lists for holiday shopping.

Start plotting out your social media posts, including marketable backgrounds, images, and text designed to increase holiday silver sales and get shoppers motivated to visit your store. You can begin your digital marketing campaign early, beginning with back-to-school and pumpkin-spice-laden posts in the fall, carry on into Halloween, and then be ready to bring it home with pre-season inspiration, such as Thanksgiving Friendsgiving, Black Friday, and other non-Christmas events. The more you can put yourself in a good position to sell holiday gifts for retail now, the easier it will be to just greet customers, make sales, and bank that money when the time comes.

Contact JT Inman Company

If you are interested to see what is new with JT Inman Company to increase your stock of keepsake silver pieces for holiday shoppers, visit our website or contact our team directly. We can also help you choose custom silver products and other types of holiday gifts for retail that will sell well to your target demographic. Call today at 508-226-0080, and don’t let the summer fly by without taking time to prepare your business for holiday shopping.