Set Your Store Apart: Design Custom Sterling Silver Objects

custom sterling silver sales

If you have been searching for new ways to stand out from the crowd of retail competitors in your local area or online, the best way to do that is to offer something unique. If everyone is selling the same thing at every store, it becomes a price and service battle. Whoever can afford to…

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Black Friday Ready: Selling Silver Objects for the Holidays

black friday silver sales

Is your retail store ready for this year’s Black Friday sales? What did you say? It’s only April? Now is the best time to get started to make sure that you have all of the classic silver gift items, trending products, and other types of popular silver products for retail on order to sell in…

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Sterling Silver Products for Retail: Selling Silver Year-Round

sell silver year round

You might think that fine sterling silver objects and collectibles would only sell well in a high-end retail store or jewelry shop, but the truth is that you can sell silver products practically anywhere all year round. While sales will pick up during the holiday shopping season and then spike again during wedding and baby…

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Selling Fine Sterling Silver in Retail Stores or Online Shops

selling fine sterling silver in retail

Some of the fastest selling items in retail include home décor and gifts. Selling fine sterling silver objects to your customers can help to increase your sales receipts and attract new buyers to your store or website. Gift shops, department stores, boutiques, and niche markets can all do well selling quality silver items for retail…

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Showcasing Quality Silver Bracelets & Sterling Silver Chains

sterling silver jewelry sales

When searching for new types of jewelry to showcase in a retail setting, you can never go wrong with silver. Fine sterling silver keepsakes, including necklaces, chains, medallions, pendants, and bracelets, have remained popular for generations. Quality silver bracelets and sterling silver chains can be the perfect products to introduce to your customers when you…

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Custom Designed Silver Objects: Unique Sales Opportunities

custom designed silver objects and jewelry

There are a couple of different ways to start selling special occasion silver items in your retail store when you work with JT Inman Company. We have a catalog full of quality, originally-designed and manufactured pieces that can be sold in your retail store. These products are proven and have been sold many times all…

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White Label Opportunities to Increase Silver Sales in Retail

white label silver

One of the best ways to build your brand is to start selling products that bear your company name. You can see white label opportunities all around you – at the grocery store, on television, and in some of the biggest retail stores around the globe. Branded silver objects, as well as other types of…

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Caring for Quality Silver Pieces: Polishing and Storing Tips

caring for silver objects

The best way to care for your fine sterling silver pieces, whether a locket handed down by your grandmother or a shiny new pillbox purchased from the department store, is to keep them clean. Just a thin layer of tarnish can destroy the surface luster of your silver. Proper storage is a must, and regular…

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White Label Products: Branded Sterling Silver Items for Retail

white label products for retail

If you are looking for a new way to increase traffic and sales to your local or online business, consider white label products. Not only will it help you boost your inventory and provide your shoppers with tried, true, and trusted custom silver objects that they will enjoy gifting and purchasing for themselves, but it…

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Quality Fine Sterling Silver Jewelry: Styles & Designs in 2022

styles and designs in 2022

A new year, a new trend in quality fine sterling silver jewelry. While some materials go in and out of style, silver has maintained a strong presence in the retail and fashion world for generations. Some combination trends of silver with enamel, clay, ceramic and other metals can also become in vogue temporarily, but fine…

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