Special Occasion Silver Items: White Label Manufacturing

white label manufacturing of fine sterling silver objects and jewelry

Introducing products bearing your company name to the market is one of the best strategies to develop your brand. White label chances are all around you, including in some of the biggest retail establishments on the planet, on television, and in the grocery store. Branded silver items, along with other products, are produced by other…

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Trendy Sterling Silver Jewelry: Silver and Enamel Designs

trendy sterling silver jewelry

Despite the long history of delicate sterling silver jewelry, the use of enameling only began in the 13th century. In the 1920s, keepsake silver items had their first big phase of popularity among consumers of all classes. Even now, stunning enamel and silver jewelry from that time period may be found in vivid and rich…

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Fine Sterling Silver Pieces and Quality Jewelry for Retail

quality jewelry for retail

Fine sterling silver jewelry is frequently purchased by customers who are looking for traditional silver presents to give to friends and family. To guarantee that our retail partners have all of the high-quality pieces they need to satisfy their customers’ demands, JT Inman Company stocks a wide variety of options in this category. Your customers…

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Fine Sterling Silver Items for Retail: American Manufacturer

fine sterling silver for retail marketing

In order to effectively market a product to a store’s regular clientele, it is helpful to have as much information as possible about those who frequently shop there. It’s easy to find advice on how to boost revenue and bring in new customers, but you won’t find much information on how to market silver in…

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Designing and Manufacturing Custom Silver Objects for Retail

design custom silver for retail manufacturing

For those who have never worked with custom silver items before, the word “custom” can be intimidating. However, customization does not always necessitate a brand-new approach. Here at JT Inman Company, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients the benefit of our years of expertise in the production of artistic silver objects.…

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Quality Silver for Retail: Classic Silver Gift Items

classic silver gifts

Home furnishings and presents for seasonal holidays and milestones are two of retail’s hottest categories. Adding fine sterling silver items to your store’s or website’s inventory can boost sales and bring in new customers. Quality silver items for retail stores can do well in gift shops, department stores, boutiques, and specialty markets. Though there is…

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Classic Silver Gift Items to Increase Holiday Retail Sales

holiday gift for retail

Even though most people think of sterling silver as having a high price tag, the truth is that it is frequently the precious metal that can be purchased for the least amount of money. Since gold and platinum are typically more expensive, sterling silver jewelry and jewelry items made with silver enamel are great options…

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Custom Silver Objects Designed for Sale to Retail Customers

custom silver objects for retail

If you run a store and are looking for methods to differentiate yourself from the other stores in your neighborhood or on the internet, the easiest way to do this is to provide something that no one else does. Assuming all stores sell the same product, competition will center on how low they can go…

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Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients: Fine Sterling Silver Products

corporate gift ideas

JT Inman Company manufactures sterling silver items for corporate customers in addition to that for retailers. We provide pre-made corporate presents from our standard catalog as well as personalized items for specific occasions including thanking suppliers and coworkers, retiring staff, and recognizing strategic partners. Our customers make exceptional gifts for the holidays using this inventive…

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High Quality Retail Supply Sterling Silver Made in America

quality sterling silver objects

As an American sterling silver maker with roots dating back to 1882, we have observed many trends and changes in the global market for American-made silver goods. Working in this field is interesting in part because of the enduring appeal of some products, the intrinsic value of fine silver as a precious metal, and the…

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