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Order Custom Sterling Silver Objects to Sell in Online Store

online silver object sales

There is a lot of information out there for entrepreneurs who want to start selling quality items in a brick and mortar store. You can also find tips and tricks for those who already own a storefront who want to move to online sales. However, if you’re going to start an online-only business, you might…

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Sterling Silver Jewelry: Quality Silver Products for Retail

sterling silver jewelry

Recent statistics show that over 29 million people purchased jewelry online in 2018. That’s a massive market of consumers who might be looking to buy sterling silver jewelry from your brick and mortar or online store. Selling jewelry is big business, so it is essential to carve out your niche and set yourself apart from…

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Seasonal Sales: Top Holiday Gifts for Retail Shops Year-Round

silver objects for holiday gifts

If only every sales day could be like Black Friday, imagine how much business your retail store would get! Of course, no one could keep up with that type of madness day in and day out, so even store owners are thankful for the different seasons. However, it is possible to turn your holiday shoppers…

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Classic Silver Gift Items for Seasonal Gift Shops and Stores

silver gift shop products

Finding the best products to sell at your gift shop or store that specializes in gift items can be a challenge. Depending on where your store is located, there may be many different cultural, seasonal, and personal taste options in the area that can make it difficult to satisfy everyone who walks through your door.…

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Custom Corporate Gifts: Artistic Silver Object Manufacturing

custom corporate silver gifts

When you contact JT Inman Company to discuss your needs for custom corporate gifts, we provide you with the opportunity to purchase quality silver items direct from the manufacturer. Silver keepsake items can be used by businesses in several ways. Regardless of how you wish to use these custom corporate gifts, make sure to select…

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Increasing Silver Sales: White Label Products for Retailers

custom silver items for retailers

Are you ready to build your brand with quality products that will earn you a solid reputation and attract the type of customers that you desire? White label branding is a powerful marketing strategy that can help new-and-growing businesses take a giant leap forward ahead of their competitors to enter a whole new level of…

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Quality Silver Products for Retail: White Label Opportunities

One of the best ways to increase brand awareness or amplify the reputation of your company name is to take advantage of white label opportunities with a quality manufacturer. JT Inman Company has provided high-quality sterling silver products for retail since 1882. We have a solid reputation in the industry and have worked with many…

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Summer Silver Products: Classic Silver Gifts for Retail Shops

Whether you run a souvenir shop, gift shop, or another type of store in a high tourism area, you know how important it is to stock the right seasonal products. While there is a time and place for kitschy bumper stickers, coffee mugs, and key chains, summer silver products are classic silver gift items that…

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Showcase Pieces: How to Sell Custom Sterling Silver Objects

One of the best ways to sell something is to start right away by overcoming objections. You need to anticipate the reasons why a customer might NOT want to buy something and figure out a reasoned explanation that you can use that will help them to change their mind. Some of the most apparent objections…

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Why Retail Stores Should Be Selling Sterling Silver Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, there are three metals that are considered by most to be timeless and valuable: gold, platinum, and silver. Consumers will actively seek out these metals to purchase as keepsake gifts, special occasion presents, and even ornaments for holidays and other memorable events. Sterling silver jewelry can be used in a…

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