Quality Craftsmanship Sterling Silver for Trendy Retail Stores

Some retail markets are just naturally ahead of the curve due to the customer base that they serve and the demand that they receive for certain product types. However, the rest of the retail world needs to stay on its toes, watch for the signs, and be ready to pounce when the opportunity arises. One…

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Sterling Silver Jewelry Sales: Quality Products for Retailers

While many people associate sterling silver with expensive price tags, the truth is that it is often the most affordable of the precious metals. Gold and platinum are typically more costly, making sterling silver jewelry and silver enamel jewelry items a great choice for anyone’s shopping list. The good news is that silver jewelry never…

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Holiday Gifts for Retail: Why Consumers Choose Silver Gifts

Silver products for retail sell year-round at department stores, trendy gift shops, jewelry stores, and even big box stores, but for some reason, they seem to sell even better during the holidays. There is something magical about the shine and glow of fine sterling silver, especially under the twinkling lights of the holiday season. Silver…

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Marketing High Quality White Label Products for Retailers

One of the best ways to stand out from other local or regional competitors is to offer customers something totally different and unique. You have two options: invest heavily into research and development to create a new product or consider branding quality white label products for retailers that will help you to build consumer awareness…

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Custom Corporate Gifts: Sterling Silver for Special Occasions

In addition to sterling silver for retailers, JT Inman Company is also a manufacturer of sterling silver objects for corporate clients. We sell stock catalog and custom corporate gifts that are used to reward employees, thank vendors and colleagues, honor retirees, and recognize strategic partners at special occasions. One of the ways that our customers…

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Year-Round Opportunities for Selling Silver Keepsake Items

While we talk a lot about holiday sales and special occasion gift items, there are plenty of opportunities to sell silver keepsake items all year-round. Catalog and custom sterling silver objects are a great asset to any type of retail store, whether you sell apparel, gifts, or run a department store. Quality silver items for…

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White Label Sterling Silver Opportunities for Retail Stores

white label opportunities for retail

One of the best ways to set your retail store apart from the competition is to offer something unique that no one else is selling. However, you need to make sure that your products are on-trend and appeal to your target demographic. The pieces need to be tested, proven and well-made in order to reflect…

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Fine Sterling Silver Jewelry and Artisan-Created Enamel Items

silver and enamel jewelry

If you are thinking about adding sterling silver products to the offerings at your retail store, one of the easiest ways to do it successfully is to work with fine sterling silver jewelry and other personal objects. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, medallions, and keychains are sold every day at jewelry stores, gift shops, department stores, and…

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How to Sell Sterling Silver: Popular Classic Silver Gift Items

how to sell sterling silver gifts

When you feature high-quality retail supply silver products in your department store, gift shop, or online market, it can be very easy to sell classic silver gift items to your regular customers. Silver is a special-occasion favorite for everything from holiday gifts to weddings, Christmas ornaments, and keepsake gifts handed down through the generations. Learning…

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Top Marketing Tips for Success: Sterling Silver for Retailers

marketing tips for sterling silver

Looking for new ways to boost sales for your fine sterling silver objects? It is crucial to have an understanding of the product and the target demographic that you are attempting to reach before investing time and money into marketing. Learning how to market silver objects can take a bit of time, but if you…

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