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Boost Sales & Consumer Awareness: Silver Enamel Jewelry Items

Part of retail sales is providing consumers with the products that they want to purchase. The other part is in taking a chance and introducing your customers to new items that they may be interested in purchasing based on collected data. One example would be our silver enamel jewelry items. These artisan designed and crafted…

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Keepsake Silver Pieces and Other Top Holiday Gifts for Retail

There are certain people who are challenging to buy for each year when it comes to finding the perfect holiday gifts for retail. Whether it is a new friendship or relationship and you aren’t sure what they would like or if it for someone special and you really want to get something that will let…

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Custom Sterling Silver Design: Special Products for Retailers

Custom Corporate Silver Gifts

There may come a time when you require custom silver objects for your retail store. Spotting a potential trend or merely responding to consumer demands can help your business to stand out from competitors. Special occasion silver items, keepsake gifts, holiday products, and jewelry are always changing and evolving in response to retail trends. While…

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Custom Corporate Gifts: Provide Your Team With the Very Best

At JT Inman Company, we don’t just provide quality silver items for retail stores; we also offer a wide selection of corporate gifts in silver to employers who want to recognize the efforts of their team or provide custom corporate gifts to clients. Sterling silver corporate objects are very popular among executives. Nothing says “I’ve…

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Best Silver Items for Retail to Stock for Commercial Stores

Classic and timeless. These are the words that most consumers use to describe quality sterling silver objects that they see displayed prominently in their local retail store. When you know what to look for in silver items for retail, you can spot a well-made product even when it is set alongside other options that are…

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White Label Opportunities for Fine Sterling Silver Products

White Label Sterling Silver Objects

One of the best ways to stand out from the competition is to do something unique. Offering original fine sterling silver products at your establishment can definitely do the trick. We provide a wide variety of sterling silver white label opportunities to our clients. They use them in several ways to help establish their brand,…

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Strategic Retail Store Stock: Popular Sterling Silver Objects

While no one has a crystal ball when it comes to figuring out what consumer will want a year or two years from now, retailers do have a few ways to make an educated guess based on a few fundamental factors. Even new retail store owners can safely predict which popular sterling silver objects will…

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Popular Selections for Retail: Fine Sterling Silver Jewelry

When it comes to selecting the best styles in sterling silver jewelry, it can feel challenging to stay ahead of the curve. However, the great news about fine sterling silver items is that they are always in style. Whether you choose popular designs, classic pieces, or custom silver jewelry to display in your retail store,…

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Silver Production for Retailers: Special Occasion Silver Items

Retailers are always on the lookout for new products that they can add to their stores in anticipation of consumer purchases for the holiday season. Silver gifts for holiday sales are always a popular choice. Silver is one of those timeless metals that holds its value, providing the recipient of the present with a lovely…

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Seasonal Silver Sales: Thinking of Spring When It’s Only Fall

The retail industry can be challenging for those who aren’t used to thinking ahead. Now that autumn is officially here; you might be thinking that retailers are busy working on their holiday stock to make sure they are ready for Black Friday and other seasonal shopping experiences. The truth is that if a retail store…

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