Selections Available for Selling Fine Sterling Silver Jewelry

selling silver jewelry in retail

When a customer is searching for classic silver gift items to give to loved ones, they often turn to fine sterling silver jewelry. At JT Inman Company, we offer a wide variety of selections that fall into this category to ensure that our retail clients have all of the quality pieces that they require to…

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Tips for Selling Retail Supply Sterling Silver to Customers

retail sales tips for selling silver products

Depending on the type of retail store you own or manage, there will likely be a variety of different products with a range of price points for your customers to consider. Pricing in sales is essential to the success of your business and can be a double-edged sword. Mark your items too low, and you…

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Fine Sterling Silver Products: Ideas to Increase Summer Sales

increase summer silver sales

Unlike the fall and winter seasons, which have lots of pre-planned holidays that inspire gift-giving and other purchases, summer is more relative to the individual and the events that they are invited to attend. Weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, and birthdays, as well as anniversary parties, graduations, and other celebrations, are common during the late…

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The Changing Supply Chain: Prepare for Holiday Season Sales

holiday season sales

In 2022, it’s a whole new world of shipping and supply chain issues for retail stores to have to deal with while preparing for the holiday shopping season. The suppliers that you’ve worked with before to stock up for holiday sales might not be the vendors that you will work with this year simply because…

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Got a Great Product Idea? Design Custom Sterling Silver Items

custom sterling silver designs

The word “custom” can seem a bit overwhelming to some if they don’t have experience working with custom silver objects. The thing about customization is that it does not necessarily mean reinventing the wheel or starting from scratch. At JT Inman Company, we offer our clients the opportunity to take advantage of our experience and…

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Increase Brand Awareness and Reputation: White Label Products

branding white label products

Looking for a new way to stand out from the crowd? Need unique products to help boost sales? Want to increase brand awareness and reputation for your retail business? Consider leveraging white label products for retailers and take advantage of the benefits associated with selling quality silver products under your brand. White label opportunities provide…

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White Label Opportunities for Selling Sterling Silver Products

white label silver opportunities

Partnerships can be the key to success in the retail world – if you do it right. When you consider all of the ways that a partnership could be profitable while remembering that who you partner with and what you partner on together matters, you might wonder why you didn’t do it earlier. JT Inman…

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Quality Silver Product Design and Manufacturing in America

silver manufacturer in the USA

Americans lament all the time about how difficult it can be to find quality products made in the USA. However, when it comes to quality silver product design, JT Inman Company has been designing and manufacturing craftsmanship sterling silver since 1882. Proudly located in Southeastern Massachusetts, we serve customers beyond the New England area to…

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Quality Silver Jewelry: Timeless & Trendy Pieces for Retail

quality silver jewelry

When searching for new ideas to purchase fine sterling silver jewelry for your retail store, sometimes the best answer is to look at what has always sold well and build on it from there. Sterling silver bracelets, including bangles and personalized I.D. bracelets, have been popular with consumers for generations. You can’t go wrong when…

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Marketing Silver for Retail: Top Methods to Boost Your Sales

marketing silver for retail

When working to market a particular product to your customer base, it is helpful to know all that you can about the individuals who come to your store on a regular basis. There are lots of tips out there on how to increase sales and attract new customers, but not a lot about marketing silver…

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