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Quality Sterling Silver Design: Retail Seasonal Stock Items

quality sterling silver objects

Regardless of what you sell or where your store is located, as a retailer, you have probably noticed a seasonal effect on the type of products that you sell throughout the year. Depending on your target demographic, you might see a rise in sales just before the holiday season or a dip in sales in…

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Sterling Silver Jewelry: Best Options Available for Retailers

retail sterling silver jewelry

With so many people buying affordable jewelry online, it can be challenging for brick-and-mortar jewelry stores to get a full understanding of their target demographic. High-end sales like diamonds and keepsake silver pieces are always going to sell, but what about the mid-range and affordable options for sterling silver jewelry. Learning how to boost sales…

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Retail Marketing 101: Quality Craftsmanship Sterling Silver

marketing quality craftsmanship silver

There is more to retail sales than simply stocking fine sterling silver products in the hopes that someone will come to your store and buy them. If you want to attract customers to your store and get them to purchase quality silver items, you need to have a merchandising and marketing strategy in place. If…

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Top Ways to Increase Sales for Retail Supply Sterling Silver

increase silver sales

Store owners and managers who want to be more successful in sales of silver products for retail need to examine their current efforts and see how they can make improvements. If your customer traffic is on target for the time of year, it might be in the way that you are showcasing the items or…

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Prep for Holiday Shoppers: Custom Silver Objects & Keepsakes

holiday silver gift items

As summer begins to wind down, retail store owners all around the globe are working hard to make sure that they are prepared for the holiday shopping season. Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here, and Black Friday will be upon us. Studies show that many Americans start shopping well before fall even arrives,…

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Classic Silver Gift Items Appropriate for Corporate Settings

corporate silver gift items

When purchasing gifts that will be used to represent your company, either to clients, customers, colleagues, or employees, make sure to choose quality items that will create a positive impression. Steer clear of the odd food gifts, bags of coffee with your logo on them, and other things that people typically toss away and never…

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How to Sell Sterling Silver Jewelry and Overcome Objections

sterling silver jewelry for retail

When it comes to precious metals, not all are created equal. Gold and white gold are popular among consumers, as they are easy to care for and can be found just about anywhere. However, when it comes to silver jewelry sales, you will be targeting a different type of customer. People who collect, wear, and…

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Marketing Silver to Consumers: Selling Sterling Silver Design

market silver to consumers

Learning how to sell custom silver objects to customers is similar to marketing other products. It is essential to determine who your target audience is, become familiar with the demographic that is most likely to buy your sterling silver design pieces, and figure out how to make the sale. Why choose silver gifts? Who will…

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Grow Your Business Opportunities: White Label Sterling Silver

white label sterling silver

Companies that want to compete with larger retailers either need to step up and develop their own products that will be far superior to competing items or find another way to level the playing field. White label products have become more popular in recent years because they offer many customer advantages or have the ability…

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Prepare for Holiday Season With Retail Supply Sterling Silver

retail supply sterling silver

While everyone else is out enjoying the warm, summer months, retail store owners are focused on just one thing: taking time to prepare for holiday season sales. Making sure that you have placed orders or already have in stock the “must have” holiday items for your target customer base is a big undertaking. Wait too…

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