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Strategic Retail Store Stock: Popular Sterling Silver Objects

While no one has a crystal ball when it comes to figuring out what consumer will want a year or two years from now, retailers do have a few ways to make an educated guess based on a few fundamental factors. Even new retail store owners can safely predict which popular sterling silver objects will…

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Popular Selections for Retail: Fine Sterling Silver Jewelry

When it comes to selecting the best styles in sterling silver jewelry, it can feel challenging to stay ahead of the curve. However, the great news about fine sterling silver items is that they are always in style. Whether you choose popular designs, classic pieces, or custom silver jewelry to display in your retail store,…

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Silver Production for Retailers: Special Occasion Silver Items

Retailers are always on the lookout for new products that they can add to their stores in anticipation of consumer purchases for the holiday season. Silver gifts for holiday sales are always a popular choice. Silver is one of those timeless metals that holds its value, providing the recipient of the present with a lovely…

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Seasonal Silver Sales: Thinking of Spring When It’s Only Fall

The retail industry can be challenging for those who aren’t used to thinking ahead. Now that autumn is officially here; you might be thinking that retailers are busy working on their holiday stock to make sure they are ready for Black Friday and other seasonal shopping experiences. The truth is that if a retail store…

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Target Demographic: High-Quality Fine Sterling Silver Design

Do you know what percentage of your customers would purchase silver products for retail? As a store owner or manager, it pays to understand what your customers want and how much they would be willing to spend on things like sterling silver design. Quality fine sterling silver manufacturers in the USA like JT Inman Company…

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Using Gift Guides to Sell Keepsake Silver Pieces and Objects

One of the most straightforward tools to use to increase sales of quality silver items for retail stores is to create a seasonal gift guide. This technique has been used by retail shops, including department stores, gift stores, big box stores, and niche-specific stores for many years. It has even been successful in promotions created…

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How to Boost a Brand With White Label Products for Retailers

white label silver products

Businesses that are looking for opportunities to make their mark and provide customers with something unique will often turn to white label products for retailers. The products are sold by the business with their own branding and logo, but the products are actually manufactured by a third-party, such as JT Inman Company. The white labeling…

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Silver Items for Retail: Showcase Quality Pieces in Any Store

silver items for retail

Store owners of all sizes, types, and target customer bases are all looking to do one thing: increase sales receipts. Impulse buys and accessories are a great way to boost sales throughout the year. Small mom-and-pop stores all the way up to well-known department stores can benefit from silver items for retail. As reputable manufacturers…

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Why Special Occasion Silver Items Are Called Keepsake Pieces

keepsake silver pieces

When a new baby is born, a couple announces an engagement, or someone retires after 40 years of service, they are often given keepsake silver pieces. Baby spoons and cups, photo frames and brushes, pocket watches and cufflinks – these are just some of the special occasion silver items that people search for when looking…

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Knowledge is Power: Sterling Silver Jewelry Quality Testing

quality sterling silver jewelry

There are a couple of different ways to appeal to a customer when you are trying to make a sale. When it comes to silver enamel jewelry items and other types of personal jewelry pieces, the emotional approach is often the best bet. A gift for a sweetheart, a ring for a future fiance, a…

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