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White Label Sterling Silver Objects: Top Strategy for Retail

White Label Sterling Silver Objects

Looking for a new way to stand out from other stores in your area? Want to make a mark in the industry and establish your brand? One of the best ways to step up and take your retail store in a new direction is with white label manufacturing. While it can be beneficial to market…

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Purchase Quality Silver Items and Unique Gifts for Customers

Quality Silver Items for Retail

Studies show that nearly 40 percent of all shoppers wait until the last minute to purchase special occasion gifts. That means you need to have your store ready with a wide selection of retail supply sterling silver objects and gifts at any given time to take advantage of last-minute purchasing. Special occasion silver items, which…

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How to Protect Quality Craftsmanship Sterling Silver Objects

Protect Silver Objects from Tarnish

One of the first things that consumers will ask when considering a purchase of classic silver gift items is, “But won’t it tarnish?” Providing your retail customers with ready-made solutions that will overcome their objectives can help you to better sell sterling silver keepsakes. Everyone wants silver decorative items, jewelry, and keepsakes because they are…

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Product Spotlight: The Popularity of Sterling Silver Jewelry

Popular Sterling Silver Jewelry

While trends come and go, when it comes to sterling silver jewelry, it always seems to be in style. Consistently paired with gold whenever fine jewelry is discussed or sold, quality manufacturers of silver jewelry are always in demand. While sometimes referred to as a “lesser metal” when compared to gold, silver has grown in…

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Retail Stores: Reputable Manufacturer for Custom Silver Items

Silver Manufacturer for Retail Stores

One of the key ingredients to running a successful retail store or chain is to have a fresh and appealing product selection for your customers. You won’t be able to get anyone in through the door if your merchandise is outdated or uninspired. Stay on top of the latest product trends and learn all you…

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Best Custom Corporate Gifts & Holiday Gifts for Retail Shops

Custom Silver Gifts Retail Shops

Depending on the type of retail shop that you operate, the “holiday season” doesn’t just refer to that frantic period between Thanksgiving and New Years, but is a reality all year long. A lot of planning goes into choosing the best holiday gifts for retail customers. Special dates throughout the year should be focused on…

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Benefits of Sterling Silver White Label Products for Retailers

If you are thinking about working with a manufacturer of sterling silver objects to start creating unique or custom pieces for you to sell in your retail store, consider white label products for retailers through JT Inman Company. There are many benefits associated with choosing to sell white label sterling silver objects that can help…

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What to Do When Sales are Slow: Special Occasion Silver Items

If you find yourself in the midst of a sales slump, there are things you can do to engage with your target demographic and get your numbers back up where they belong. Whether the drop is due to bad weather, a poor economy or something else totally outside your control, the best way to get…

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How to Select the Best Quality Silver Items for Retail Stores

Regardless of the season or occasion, sterling silver for retailers is always a good seller. When customers want quality gifts to give to family members, friends, co-workers, and other individuals who are important to them, they often turn to retail supply sterling silver products and jewelry. From baby showers to bridal showers, religious holidays and…

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Holiday Gifts for Retail: Boost Sales During the Busy Season

While it’s true that the holidays are currently upon us, there’s no reason why you can’t start making plans for next year right now. Take everything that you have learned this season and use it to your advantage. Purchase quality silver items to carry in your store so you can boost sales, either as primary…

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