Part of retail sales is providing consumers with the products that they want to purchase. The other part is in taking a chance and introducing your customers to new items that they may be interested in purchasing based on collected data. One example would be our silver enamel jewelry items. These artisan designed and crafted sterling silver jewelry pieces sell well all across the country and around the globe. Colorful, tasteful, and excellent for gift-giving year-round, if you are looking for new ways to incorporate new silver objects into your retail store or gift shop, the enamel is a good bet.

Sterling silver bracelets and custom silver jewelry pieces, either original items that you design with our craftsmen or that you purchase through our white label opportunities, are also great sellers in the right market. Start by evaluating the idea of carrying some new products. Research what your local competitors and online rivals are selling to see if this might be something unique that could help you attract new business. Even if the competition is also selling silver enamel jewelry items, knowing that enamel is already big in your local area can be a great encouragement to try something new.

Know Your Target Audience

Retail sales 101 defines demographics as the most essential piece of information that a marketer or store owner needs to know. Who is your target audience? What do they come to your store to buy? How much do they spend? You don’t want to bring in pieces that are not affordable to your customer base, or that won’t sell well for other reasons. The more you can learn about your customers, the easier it will be to sell your sterling silver jewelry and quality silver gift items. Once you have all the facts, you can then begin to work on a marketing strategy that you can use to launch new products effectively.

How will you market your new products? Will you create a showcase in the front window, provide a feature product area at the entrance to your store, or send out a flyer to your loyal customer base? It’s probably a good idea to do all three. Introducing a new product to your customers can be a fun and exciting experience, but you need to have a plan. Consider employing other marketing tactics that will help you to promote the new product, such as offering a free gift or discount during the launch to customers on the first day or within the first hour. This extra hype can help you to get new people into your store and is a great way to maximize the effect of a new product.

Start Spreading the Word

How soon should you start marketing the new product? That depends on whether you want it to be an exclusive purchase opportunity and don’t want to give your competitors a chance to get in on your hard work, or if you don’t mind revealing the product ahead of time. When marketing for holiday or seasonal sales, you will want to be ready with your promotional materials at least six to eight weeks ahead of time. You can keep adding elements to your verbiage and marketing tools as it gets closer to time. Consider layering your approach, including email newsletters, social media posts, signs within your store, and anything else that will appeal to your target demographic.

One way to get everyone talking is to offer an exclusive preview opportunity to your loyal customers. A sneak peek is a great way to build up the conversation about your new custom silver jewelry pieces or the launch of silver enamel jewelry items. Consider hosting a pre-launch party, an online preview, or send out an exclusive invite to customers so they can come in and see the new products before they are formally displayed. Contests, discount deals, giveaways, and other tools can all be used in conjunction with this approach to get customers excited about the new product.

Creative Marketing

Think your customers are ready to try something new? Contact JT Inman Company by calling us direct at 508-226-0080. We can provide you with detailed information about any of our sterling silver jewelry and silver keepsake objects, as well as our white label opportunities and options for creating custom silver jewelry pieces. Call today for pricing details or to place an order. Since 1882, JT Inman Company has built a solid reputation for delivering quality sterling silver bracelets, corporate gifts, ornaments, and much more. Take a look at our online catalog to preview some of our most popular items.