Boost Q4 Sales with Seasonal Holiday Sterling Silver Objects

holiday silver objects for retailOne of the best ways to increase sales receipts during the holiday season is by marketing a few extra luxury items and prized pieces to your regular customers. Seasonal silver objects, including ornaments, keepsakes, jewelry, and personalized items, can help to end the year on a solid note. Custom silver items for retailers can be popular as well, particularly if you are looking to put your brand on quality pieces that no one else is selling. Silver ornaments and keepsake gifts are just the beginning, there are a lot of quality fine sterling silver pieces that would sell well in your retail store, gift shop, or online market that you can use to boost your numbers for the year.

Religious and Spiritual Objects

Appealing to the personal interests of the recipient is the primary objective when it comes to holiday gift shopping. What better way to pick something that reflects the personally held beliefs of the individual than to choose religious and spiritual objects. Unlike seasonal silver objects, including silver ornaments and keepsake gifts for the holidays, these types of items can be used year-round. Key chains, lockets, medallions, earrings, bracelets, and more can all include engraved messages of faith and hope or feature designs that appeal to the religious or spiritual nature of the recipient. Catholic Saints, Cherubs, Good Luck symbols, Crosses, Zodiac symbols, and much more can all be purchased from our catalog.

Fine sterling silver and enamel work well together to create stunning and colorful custom silver items for retailers. If you are searching for something in particular that you know would appeal to your target demographic, make sure to let us know. If we do not have something that you are looking for in the way of religious and spiritual objects, our team of artisans can create something unique based on your specifications. For many shops, having unique and custom silver items for retailers is the key to their success. This is especially true in areas where there happens to be a lot of competition and a desire to stand out from the crowd.

Silver Ornaments and Keepsake Gifts

Some of our most popular holiday sterling silver objects include the annual fine sterling silver Christmas ornament collection. Each year we put out new ornaments that include the date that they were produced. The Santa Claus series is extremely popular among consumers, many of whom look forward to finding and purchasing the new ornament that we make each year. Collectors, sentimentalists, and family treasurers take pride in having a complete set or choosing a single decoration to remind them of a particular holiday celebration.

The 2021 holiday collection is now available on the JT Inman website in our online catalog. The 2021 Angel of Hope ornament reflects the desire of individuals today to feel more hope and positivity in their lives. The 2021 Santa ornament features a traditional Netherlands Santa for this year’s collectible piece. Our 2020 ornaments are still available in the catalog, including the 2020 Dove Angel and French Santa. The 2019 ornaments are available as well, featuring the 2019 Praying Angel of Adoration and the Irish Father Christmas. While supplies last, other previous years may still be purchased, including a Swedish Gnome Santa, American Santa, English Santa, Italian Santa, German Santa, Jolly Santa, Scottish Santa, and other classic designs and figures.

Silver Makes the Perfect Gift

No matter who you are or where you come from, silver objects and jewelry make the perfect holiday gift. Nationalities and cultures aside, holiday sterling silver objects are popular all around the world. Not sure what to get that special someone this year for Christmas? Silver ornaments and keepsake gifts are a great way to show how much you care, even when you don’t know what’s on their most-wanted list. Excellent for adults and children alike, when you stock seasonal silver objects in your retail store or online shop, you will see positive sales numbers. In addition to ornaments and other holiday favorites, we have year-round gift options as well, including photo frames, desk accessories, personal pieces, quality jewelry, and much more. Browse our online catalog or give us a call at 508-226-0080 to speak with a friendly customer service agent about catalog and custom silver items for retailers.