With many businesses now gearing up in anticipation of holiday shoppers, what can you do to boost your online sales for classic silver gift items? Whether you sell sterling silver jewelry, holiday ornaments, custom corporate gifts, or keepsake silver items for retail, there are things you can do right now that will prepare your online store to increase sales. Studies show that digital shopping has increased significantly in recent years, but experts predict that 2020 will feature even more online shopping due to lingering COVID-19 concerns. Take this opportunity to polish your online sales pitch, learn how to showcase your silver pieces, and gain consumer confidence effectively. Website marketing can be just as effective as in-store methods, but you need to understand the techniques required to stand out from the competition and sell well online.

Make Your Brand Distinct

How many companies are there in the United States alone that sell sterling silver jewelry? It would help if you found unique ways to stand out from the crowd and make your brand distinct. What is your target demographic – who are you selling to right now? Older consumers, aged 40 and up, tend to make purchases based on quality and value, while younger consumers, under the age of 40, are more compelled to buy something that has a story behind it. Younger generations value personal relationships with the brand and the people behind it, which is why influencer marketing is so successful with millennials. If this is your target market, consider crafting a story behind your brand, yourself as a spokesperson, and behind each piece of jewelry or classic silver gift items that you sell. Use a lot of photos, videos, and imagery to hit the message home to show the value of each product that you feature in your online store.

Obtain Quality Silver Products

When searching for silver items for retail to feature in your online store, make sure to choose quality pieces that are fresh, on-trend, and exciting. Sterling silver jewelry never goes out of style, but you need to be on top of the latest trends and know who in Hollywood or the music industry is wearing what so you can showcase it on your website. Offer your customers a wide range of options that will capture their attention and increase sales. Don’t stick to simple sterling silver bangles and chains; explore sales opportunities with colorful enamel medallions, charms, and earrings as well. If your focus is on classic silver gift items, consider listing a wide range of products, including cufflinks and gifts for men, custom corporate gifts like desk accessories and bar items, as well as special occasion gifts like baby spoons, photo frames, and ornaments. The holidays are a great time to offer new products and feature them in your store to help drive sales.

Professional Design and Content

When you list items in your store and talk about them in your promotions, don’t just snap a few pics with your smartphone and call it a day. Professional photography and videography services can boost sales above and beyond what you could expect from amateur images. As an online retail store, you need to create a unique experience for your customers that replaces the physical in-store experience. While customers can’t try on your decorative bangles or hold the classic silver gift items they are considering, you can find new ways to help them be convinced to make the purchase. Point-of-view (POV) videos can help consumers feel as though they are trying on your sterling silver jewelry items or are seeing your other silver items for retail on the shelves. Create a virtual shopping experience with professional design, photography, and videos that targets your primary customer demographic. Work with photography and editing services that specialize in retail marketing for online stores for best results.

Carefully Craft Product Descriptions

Beyond the story that you will provide to your customers to help convince them to trust your brand, you also need to offer detailed information about each product to support the sale. One study revealed that more than 40 percent of abandoned shopping carts were the direct result of “not enough information” about the product. Persuasive writing is essential for marketing, but don’t overlook the value of stating the facts about the product as well. Measurements, colors, sizes, materials, and any other crucial attributes should be listed carefully to make sure that they are accurate and provide the details that consumers need to make a purchase.

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