artistic silver manufacturingFor generations, quality sterling silver objects have been sold as gifts for special holidays, occasions, and milestone events. The birth of a new baby, a wedding celebration, a “silver” 25th anniversary, or the retirement of a valuable business partner – these are all perfect events to offer a gift of artistic silver object manufacturing to a friend or loved one. Retail marketing sterling silver can consist of many different types of products. Fine sterling silver jewelry, enamel jewelry, and keepsake gifts are quite popular, including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, tie bars, and cufflinks. Pocket watches and other traditional gifts for men and women are just some of the products available to sell silver products in retail.

Silver is a Precious Metal

One of the reasons why silver is such a popular gift item for so many occasions is because it is considered to be a precious metal. Along the same lines as gold and platinum, silver is one of those metals that holds its value. A popular gift throughout the ages, silver spoons were originally given to new babies as a way of helping the parents to save for future expenses incurred by the child. Healthcare, education, or a dowry for marriage – quality sterling silver objects have been prized for centuries. Beautiful pill boxes, photo frames, brush and comb sets, ornate mirrors – there are many different types of artistic silver object manufacturing that are prized by people around the world.

Parents and grandparents often gift a child antique silver that has been handed down through the generations. That is because silver not only holds value, but it is something that people tend to keep and treasure. When properly cared for, retail marketing sterling silver objects and jewelry can last for many years. That is why you will see people sell silver products in retail at gift shops, department stores, apparel shops, and national shopping mall businesses. No matter where you are in the nation – and around the world – quality sterling silver objects are always in demand and are designed to be the perfect gift. Sold to a wide range of demographics with multiple price points and trending styles, today’s retail businesses should make sure to carry sterling silver pieces for their customers.

How to Identify Sterling Silver – The best way to figure out if you have real fine sterling silver on your hands is to look for the mark. Depending on the artistic silver object manufacturing business that made the piece, the mark might be 92.5, .925, 925 or 92.5%, and can be seen somewhere on the item. The numbers represent the amount of actual silver that is used to make fine sterling silver. Pure silver is soft – way too soft to make retail marketing sterling silver into jewelry or keepsake items. It would bend and distort over time, rendering it useless and unattractive. When manufacturers make quality sterling silver objects, they use an alloy that includes 92.5 percent pure silver, with the remaining percentage made up of copper or nickel. Copper will make the silver brighter, retaining the natural luster and shine of pure silver metal. Nickel will slightly dull the shine of silver, which is why it is not preferred.

Custom and Original Silver Manufacturing

It is essential to work with a manufacturing company that can offer a wide range of product options. Custom pieces can be used by department stores and other retail businesses to further their brand and stand out from competitors for their original offerings. Quality sterling silver objects will always sell well, from religious pieces given as gifts for a First Communion or Baptism to delicate earrings purchased as a wedding present. Photo frames and keepsake gifts are always well received when they are designed and created through artistic silver object manufacturing techniques. JT Inman Company employs a team of highly trained, skilled, and experienced craftsmen who can create just about any design or product with fine sterling silver materials.

Since 1882, the name JT Inman Company has stood for quality, and our commitment to providing remarkable retail marketing sterling silver to our customers remains strong today. Our team can help you select pieces that you can use to sell silver products in retail through your shop, store, or online retail website. As a leading manufacturer of quality sterling silver objects, our catalog is filled with options for you to choose from for your customers. Contact our team by calling 508-226-0080 and speak with one of our friendly customer service agents. We can answer any questions you might have about our products and provide you with all the information you need to select items from our catalog.