Selecting the items to feature in your store can be a challenge unless you know your audience. Who is your typical customer? How much do they like to spend? What kind of products do they want to buy? And one of the most critical questions: why do they make a purchase? The items that you sell would be vastly different for a customer who likes to buy gifts for family members with a budget of $50 or less compared to a customer who likes to buy things for themselves with a budget of $100 or more. Custom sterling silver objects, including silver enamel jewelry items, medallions, and other personal pieces, are commonly sold both as gifts and as personal purchases. Working with a manufacturer of sterling silver objects directly provides you with the opportunity to carry unique items in your store that your competitors might not showcase. Artistic silver object manufacturing is a great way to gain access to quality pieces that you will be proud to sell and that your customers will be eager to purchase.

The Latest Product Trends

One way to capitalize on sales during the holidays and all year-round is to stay up on the latest product trends. What’s in, what’s out, and what industry insiders speculate will be the next “big thing” can help to catapult your business to new heights. However, it all starts with taking the time to learn more about your target demographic. Some of the data that you need to collect includes the average age range of your customers, approximate income levels, lifestyle and interests, products that they typically buy, and the average amount spent on purchases. If your business is new or if you are just starting to learn more about your customers, it is a good idea to have a variety of products in a range of price points. This will help you to offer options to practically everyone who walks through your doors.

Another way to spot trends before they explode is to become a celebrity watcher. Who is wearing silver right now, and what type of jewelry are they wearing? Are there other trends involving custom sterling silver objects, such as silver luggage tags or pocket watches? Working directly with a manufacturer of sterling silver objects can help as well. Our team works around the clock to design and create new products based on our market research. Browse our catalog to see examples of our artistic silver object manufacturing or contact our customer service team directly to discuss your interests and needs. We can help you find solutions that will increase sales and maximize the potential of all your silver enamel jewelry items, popular silver pieces, and special occasion gift pieces.

The Wedding Industry

While many areas of the wedding industry have been hit hard due to COVID-19 restrictions, people are still getting married. Custom sterling silver objects are popular gift items for new couples, including sterling silver photo frames and other keepsake gifts that you should be carrying in your store. Family friends and loved ones continue to purchase and send gifts to the happy couple to wish them well despite not being able to attend the ceremony and reception, so this is a market that should still be focused on throughout the year. Artistic silver object manufacturing options are available in our catalog to mark this type of special occasion.

Couples who are getting married might also be interested in products made by a local manufacturer of sterling silver items to give as save-the-date invitations, thank-you gifts to parents or grandparents, and as bridal party gifts to groomsmen and bridesmaids. There are many gifting opportunities for the wedding industry. Silver objects are perfect as thank-you gifts for officiants and vendors who go above and beyond to help the couple with their plans. Even downsized weddings can be a beautiful occasion that families want to share. Don’t forget couple-gifts from the bride to the groom and groom to the bride. Silver enamel jewelry items and other generational gifts can be a great way to celebrate a new life together. Cufflinks, bracelets, engraved luggage tags, and more can all make excellent gifts.

Quality Custom Sterling Silver Objects

With more and more people looking to invest in USA-made products, there has never been a better time to feature artistic silver object manufacturing from JT Inman Company in New England than right now. Contact our team today to learn more about our catalog, custom, and white-label opportunities for new product lines in your retail store. You can reach us directly at 508-226-0080 or use our online contact form to reach out to one of our customer service sales representatives.