Brick and mortar stores have a slight advantage over online retailers in that once they have them inside the store, the customer becomes a sort of “captive audience.” Online shoppers have a million distractions that might prevent them from making a purchase. There’s everything that’s going on around them in real life – kids, spouses, bosses, television, radio, text messages, emails, and pop-up advertising – it’s amazing that anything ever gets done. As a result, online stores need to offer more options for quality silver items for retail stores that will attract customers and help to increase sales. Retail supply sterling silver is available for online store owners through JT Inman Company. As a sterling silver manufacturer, we offer a wide range of design opportunities, white label programs, and top quality artistic silver object manufacturing through our online catalog.

The Advantage of Manufacturer Sourcing

Working directly with a sterling silver manufacturer provides online retail stores with an excellent opportunity and control over the product itself. The chance to design custom objects or offer discounts on wholesale, retail supply sterling silver can help you to compete with larger stores to win the sale. When you’re in charge, you can influence everything from the quality to the price, the branding of the finished piece through white label opportunities, and other essential factors. Designing your own custom pieces can be very rewarding and provide you with the means necessary to offer something totally unique and original to your customers.

While designing your own products through artistic silver object manufacturing at JT Inman Company means having to create and generate your own product idea, partnering with our team can help you to make those decisions a lot easier. You can lean on our many years of experience, work closely with our design team to come up with workable ideas, and take advantage of our design tools and other opportunities as a sterling silver manufacturer. Our quality silver items for retail stores can be mixed in with your custom designs to augment your product listing as you build your own line.

Working With Wholesale Suppliers

In addition to providing our clients with the opportunity to offer custom quality silver items for retail stores and white label options for brand growth, we also offer retail supply sterling silver through our catalog. A wide range of items that already have proven selling power in retail outlets represents many years of experience and quality craftsmanship. Photo frames, keepsake items, jewelry pieces, and much more can all be sold in your online store. These are products that are already on the market, but with a bit of creative sales techniques and promotion, you can carve out a niche for yourself with this well-designed inventory.

Purchasing products through a wholesaler means not having to go through the entire design process or have to wait for items to be created specifically for your needs. You can browse through our online catalog, choose the products that match the interests of your target demographic and then sell them in your store. Learning how to effectively manage your inventory can be challenging if you are new to this type of retail business, but once you get it down, it can be a great way to boost sales and increase options.

Find New Ways to Reach Customers

While brick and mortar stores might have one or two advantages over online retailers, there are definite benefits to selling products online. You can maximize the potential of the internet and reach out to potential new customers through various social media outlets, email newsletter advertising, cross-promotion marketing with like-minded retailers, and a whole lot more. You can showcase your custom products of artistic silver object manufacturing or offer great deals on popular products from your trusted sterling silver manufacturer to boost sales.

Whatever your goals, JT Inman Company can provide you with quality silver items for retail stores that can help you to achieve them. Contact our team to learn more about our custom design and white label opportunities or to place an order from our online catalog. Since 1882, JT Inman Company has provided quality silver objects, jewelry, and keepsake items to retailers nationwide. We have earned a solid reputation among retailers around the globe and are always looking for new ways to expand our offerings and meet the needs of our clients. Contact our team at 508-226-0080 or use our online contact form to request an email or phone call back.