Silver ornaments are a holiday tradition for many folks. They look forward to finding a brand new design each year that they can add to their collection. Holiday collectibles are popular among many different types of customers. In fact, depending on the type of annual silver holiday items that you sell, you might be able to stretch your marketing across multiple consumer price points. Original silver objects can be quite attractive, especially during the holidays when people tend to splurge a little bit more on gifts for loved ones or personal purchases for themselves. There are many reasons why silver ornaments are considered to be quite valuable – both in the actual value of the item itself and emotionally to the individual who collects them.

Silver Bells at Christmas

When you think about holiday decorations, songs, and traditions, silver and gold, both pop up a lot throughout the season. Holiday collectibles can vary widely, including expensive items made from quality materials and glitzy pieces made out of plastic and sold at bargain stores. Depending on what it is that the person collects, both can be appealing and hold similar emotional value. Silver ornaments can be forged into many different shapes. In fact, at JT Inman Company, we have quite the collection of annual silver holiday items available in our catalog. Traditional shapes and ornaments, including silver stars, classic bells, decorative or dated bells, nutcrackers, snowmen, stockings, and candy canes. These are popular among a wide range of customers and can be sold as both decorations and keepsakes. Personalized items are also attractive to consumers during the holidays, and many of these designs can be engraved.

Some of our most popular original silver objects in the catalog include our Santa and Angel designs. Each style is dated for those who collect our traditional silver ornaments and look forward to them each year. Annual silver holiday items can be excellent for showcasing in department stores, gift shops, holiday pop-up stores, jewelry stores, and other popular types of stores during the Christmas season. Create a tradition at your store by offering these unique designs at the launch of the holiday shopping season to appeal to your customers that look for holiday collectibles. Our Santa collection includes a variety of depictions from Scotland, Germany, Italy, England, America, Sweden, Ireland, France, and other classic styles. Our Angel collection features a 2020 Dove Angel, a 2019 Praying Angel of Adoration, and a 2018 Angel of Innocence. Browse our available ornaments in our online catalog and contact our team direct to find out about other options for silver ornaments.

Consumer Spending on Ornaments in the US

Studies reveal that each American spends approximately $61 on average each year for decorations, as of the 2019 shopping season. This is an increase in spending compared to just ten years ago. This is a significant purchase when you consider that the bulk of spending during the holiday season has to do with gifts for family and friends instead of items for the home. Silver ornaments and other holiday collectibles often top the list for consumer purchases of Christmas decorations. Some families get a new decoration for their tree each year to remember the season, while others gift unique decorations to each child in the family according to their interests and hobbies. There are a lot of options for ornaments and decorations each year. Finding new ways to have your annual silver holiday items stand out and become popular with your customers should be a top goal each year.

Shoppers in this study about holiday decorations also revealed that they purchased these items in many different types of stores. In-store shopping at a brick and mortar store was the number one way that ornaments and decorations of all kinds were purchased, with online shopping coming in at a close second. However, most of those sales occurred on the home computer instead of through a mobile device. Only 23 percent of those surveyed stated that they would make purchases on their smartphones, tablets, and other handheld electronics. In 2020, however, this may change significantly. Brick and mortar stores have found new ways to boost sales during the global pandemic, including curbside pick-up services at department stores, big-box stores, pharmacies, and other locations. While not appropriate in all settings, these web-based purchases have helped retail stores to increase sales during this time and have created convenient opportunities for consumers.

JT Inman Holiday Collectibles

If you are interested in learning more about our annual silver holiday items and collectibles, make sure to browse our online catalog or contact our team directly at 508-226-0080. Since 1882, JT Inman Company has worked to create original silver objects and jewelry that appeal to consumers. Made in the USA at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility, you can now showcase these beautiful silver ornaments and gift pieces in your store. Contact our team today to find out about catalog items, custom design options, and white label opportunities.