Retail stores that work directly with a sterling silver manufacturer like JT Inman Company to provide quality sterling silver jewelry for their customers understand the value of showcasing this popular metal. There are many reasons why special occasion silver items and other silver-based jewelry pieces sell well throughout the year. Retailers can choose from a wide range of products, including earrings, chains, lockets, medallions, charms, bracelets, and silver enamel jewelry items, providing many different ways to reach customers and increase sales.

Reason #1 – Appealing to All

One of the most significant aspects of sterling silver jewelry is that it appeals to the masses. Worn by men and women, old and young, sophisticated socialites and the everyday working class, fine silver jewelry pieces are perfect for many different customer demographics and can be made to suit many budget ranges. Some materials used to create jewelry might be geared more toward one gender over another, while others might seem “too old” or “too young” because of their style. Silver is excellent for all ages, genders, and income brackets.

Reason #2 – Affordable

While considered to be a precious metal, special occasion silver items like jewelry are much more affordable than gold or platinum. Fine sterling silver jewelry is 92.5 percent silver combined with copper or nickel. This combination is used because 100 percent pure silver is too soft and malleable for jewelry and would bend, break, or become misshapen with use. In 1851, world-famous jeweler Tiffany set the standard for sterling silver, which is stamped on jewelry as “sterling,” “ster,” “92.5,” or simply “925” to reveal its quality.

Reason #3 – Everyday Use

Unlike some more expensive pieces, sterling silver jewelry is perfect for everyday use. It is just at home on its wearer at the office as it is out to dinner for “date night” or to celebrate a special occasion. Many people wear special occasion silver items every day, taking time to provide care, cleaning, and maintenance for it each evening.

Reason #4 – Durable

Because our silver enamel jewelry items are made of an alloy with 92.5 percent silver and copper, they are extremely durable. Unlike vintage silver pieces that were made with a higher percentage of silver, they are brighter, bolder, and less likely to become damaged with regular wear.

Reason #5 – Versatile

Another reason to choose sterling silver jewelry is that it compliments every person who wears it. It works with just about any personal style and fashion, can be worn just as beautifully in the summer as in the winter, and looks as elegant in the bright sunshine as it does at a candlelit dinner. Quality jewelry from a sterling silver manufacturer won’t overpower your outfit and will instead serve as a lovely accessory instead of a bold focal piece.

Reason #6 – Always in Style

Some metals and gemstones used to make jewelry have a brief moment of popularity before fading back into the background. Silver is one of those materials that never goes out of style. Open up any fashion magazine or look at photos from the latest fashion show, and you will see pieces of sterling silver jewelry in every feature. Silver even works well with other metals, gemstones, and materials, increasing the value of the piece substantially.

Reason #7 – Generational Jewelry

Consumers know that silver is something that you pass on from generation to generation. Grandmother’s earrings are something to be prized and shared between siblings, cousins, and handed down to future generations. When cared for properly, quality silver enamel jewelry items, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and special occasion silver items can last for a very long time.

Reason #8 – Easy Care

Many retailers offer silver care kit products alongside their sterling silver jewelry to show customers just how easy it is to maintain quality silver products. There are many misconceptions about tarnishing silver and the amount of time it takes to care for it, but with practice and understanding, it can be quite simple. The more you wear your silver jewelry, the less cleaning it requires. Just a simple polish with a clean cloth can be all it takes for everyday care.

Reason #9 – Many Options

Whatever your taste in jewelry, it is always easy to find a sterling silver manufacturer who makes something that suits your style. Small or large earrings, simple designs, or ornate patterns – silver is one of those products that can be customized and created in just about any shape, size, or style. JT Inman Company has a wide range of options in our online catalog, as well as custom design and manufacturing opportunities for our retail clients.

Reason #10 – Hypoallergenic

Unless the sterling silver is combined with nickel to make up the remaining percentage of metal, fine quality silver pieces are hypoallergenic. Made with copper alloy instead of nickel, these pieces will not irritate skin or turn it green. There are many people who are allergic to nickel and brass. Reputable sterling silver manufacturer companies like JT Inman Company only use fine silver and copper to create silver enamel jewelry items and other jewelry pieces for our clients.

Fine Sterling Silver Since 1882

Retailers who are looking to add sterling silver jewelry to their stock should consider partnering directly with a reputable sterling silver manufacturer for best results. When quality matters, our special occasion silver items, objects, jewelry, and unique silver enamel jewelry items are the best choice. Contact our team by calling 508-226-0080 or browse our online catalog to see some of our fine selections. You can also use our online contact form to reach out to a representative.